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Dompé at a glance

Excellence in therapeutic innovation

Dompé is an Italian biopharmaceutical company that focuses on innovation, where a long tradition in the field of healthcare goes hand in hand with a commitment to research and development to meet hitherto unsatisfied therapeutic needs. A challenge that the Company has pursued with passion, skill and courage, to make a difference to the lives of people around the globe.

An international presence

Founded in 1940, Dompé has its headquarters in Milan, major industrial and biotechnological research facilities in L’Aquila, and an R&D unit in Naples.

The Company has offices also in Barcelona, Tirana, Slough (UK), Paris and Berlin, and in the US, in Boston.

Innovation that supports research

Dompé concentrates on areas with still unsatisfied therapeutic needs, such as diabetes, organ transplantation, oncology and ophthalmology. In this key therapeutic area Dompé has studied and developed a biotechnological drug based on NGF – the product of the research conducted by Nobel Prize winner Rita Levi Montalcini – as a potential therapeutic response to rare eye diseases. Discover more here.

The company is strongly committed in this field with 21 clinical studies in progress involving a total of 1,200 patients and 200 research centres worldwide. In 2017 Dompé expects a 250 million euro turnover, of which 15% will be invested in R&D.

Discover more about Dompé clinical trials here.

Key partnerships

In line with its mission, Dompé establishes partnership with companies that demonstrate a high level of dynamism in healthcare innovation, and particularly in biotechnologies.

  • Majority shareholder of Philogen, an Italian-Swiss biotech company specialized in biopharmaceutical products for the treatment of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and some ophthalmic diseases.
  • Leading shareholder in AAA (Advanced Accelerator Applications), a leader in the field of molecular medicine that specialises in R&D, the production of radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging, and personalised medicine.
  • Partner of MolMed in the commercialization of the first Italian gene therapy.