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Dompé at a glance

Excellence Made in Italy exported all over the world

Dompé is an Italian bio-pharmaceutical company that focuses on innovation, where a long tradition in the field of personal wellness goes hand in hand with a commitment to research and development to meet hitherto unsatisfied therapeutic needs.

Established in 1940 in Milan, Dompé continues to have its headquarters in this city. In Italy, it also has offices in L’Aquila, with an industrial and biotech research hub, and in Naples, where the Company has an R&D division.

Dompé also has branches in the United States (in Boston and San Francisco) and in Europe, in Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, and Tirana.

Faced with an ever-changing pharmaceuticals industry that is increasingly open to global challenges, Dompé has opted for a market positioning that is based on two strategic priorities.

Primary Care

Dompé, with its products offered at over 10,000 pharmacies in Italy, is engaged in the development and distribution of ethical drugs and self-medication, adjuvants, medical devices and cosmetics, and in the fields of vitamin and mineral supplements and personal hygiene. The therapeutic areas include cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, paediatrics, neurology, urology, ophthalmic, stomatology and respiratory.

In 2016 Dompé acquired the pharmaceutical division of Bracco, an Italian company, thus further expanding its own product list.

Dompé Primary Care operates through two distinct lines - ethical drugs and self-medication.

The close synergy between the two lines allows for an efficient and coordinated supply of information about products to doctors and pharmacists alike, and an efficient distribution system that can satisfy all the needs of any given local area, from those of the hospital distribution channel to the pharmacy one.

Dompé currently markets 50 million medication packages in roughly 40 countries around the world.

Biotech and rare diseases

The Biotech unit is a manifestation of Dompé commitment to meeting unsatisfied patient needs all around the world.

The company pursues this ambitious goal through its commitment to Research and Development in fields characterised by high therapeutic need, using an “open innovation” logic that finds Dompé collaborating with 200 international research centres of excellence in the search for therapeutic solutions to health needs that have yet to be resolved.

The Biotech Unit focuses specifically on the rare diseases field, such as ophthalmology, for instance, an area in which the company has developed and marketed the first ophthalmic product based on rhNGF (the molecule discovered by Nobel Prize winner Rita Levi Montalcini) for patients suffering from neurotrophic keratitis.

In accordance with its vocation, Dompé has major partners in the therapeutic innovation field, particularly in biotechnology.

A major shareholder in Philogen, a Swiss-Italian biotech company that specialises in bio-pharmaceutical products for the treatment of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and some ophthalmic diseases.