At our pharmaceutical production plant, we oversee the entire process from research, sourcing, manufacture and packaging to guarantee the highest quality products to our patients in primary care.

At our L’Aquila site, we produce the main pharmaceutical forms on the market for our Oki, Oki Task and Fluifort products. Our production lines have the capability to produce a staggering 30,000 boxes per shift, which equates to 4,000 boxes per hour. This rate of output has improved over time. While the machinery gives us this capability, this achievement is really credited to our people. Their attitude to performance and commitment both technically and culturally enable us to make such improvements.


Our pharma production is divided into solid (granular and orosoluble granular products) and “small volume” and “large volume” liquid (syrups, mouthwashes, drops, sprays) formulations and encompasses the whole supply chain, from Research and Development to packaging.

Production is divided into two areas:

Oral solid production

Our production area features a 5550-pallet warehouse with three dispensing areas that enables us to distribute 1300 tons of pharmaceutical powders. With the raw materials having been weighed, the active ingredient and excipients are processed until they become granules. Some products require that granules are further coated in more excipients.

Our facility has three granulators, one of which is the largest in Europe. It is built over three floors with a batch size of 1.600kg volume. This capacity enables us to granulate about 1500 tons of pharmaceutical powders per year.

Once the formulation for the product is obtained, it is packaged in either a sachet or stick format depending on the requirements. The production plant features five granulates packaging lines.

Oral liquid production

Two packaging lines are available for “small volume” and “large volume” products.

After raw material weighing, the manufacturing process starts with preparation in a tank. Here the active ingredient is mixed with pure water, sugar and excipients, then heated and stirred. Syrups are stocked in tanks of about 20,000 liters.

When ready, the drug is poured into glass or plastic containers and is then boxed, wrapped and stacked onto a pallet in a fully automated way

Pallet places temperature and humidity controlled


Tons dispensed


Tons granulated - 2MM liters syrups



Million packs


Ensuring the highest quality output

Our people’s involvement in production goes beyond the plant itself, as high-quality output can only be achieved through teamwork. At Dompé, all functions that support the production stages work closely together such as planning, scheduling the warehouse, managing storage and distribution centers, as well as with sales and marketing, regulatory, engineering/maintenance, and especially quality.