People & Culture


One journey, a shared vision 

At Dompé, we are invigorated by tough challenges and believe in embracing these challenges to make a meaningful difference in our patients' lives. With courage, inspired science, and a global mindset, we strive to deliver game-changing medical advances. To achieve our vision, we nurture a purpose-driven culture where people act on need rather than precedent, thinking beyond what has been done before.  In all roles, we encourage our colleagues to own their learning and development, blending on-the-job learning with mentoring and formal training to thrive in what they do. Our leadership team and people managers are committed to bringing this culture to life daily through our core values and Operating Principles. 

Eriona Gjinukaj, Chief Operating Officer

Living by our culture 

Our values are the glue that holds everything together at Dompé. They capture in words what we stand for as a company and guide us in charting our course to follow the science. We believe in the power of these values to create an inclusive environment where our people feel valued and ready to bring their best selves to work. 


As a global company, ambition drives us ahead to achieve our mission as we chart our course. We constantly strive for improvement and encourage our teams to embrace tough challenges and act on need, leveraging our independence to never stop exploring and make a difference for the greater good.


We believe in borderless discovery and having the freedom to break new ground. Our entrepreneurial and solution-oriented culture has taught us to think beyond what is known today or has been done before. By thinking creatively, colleagues in all departments have fueled innovations that have led to process improvements, better environmental sustainability, new ideas for clinical research and more, all in a quest to help our patients lead healthier lives. Ad Dompé, creativity challenges the status quo and drives the continuous improvement required to bring new medicines to patients.  


We look for forward-looking and agile people to help us be at the forefront of innovation. Fueled by our passion and commitment to making a difference, we empower and develop our people to achieve success while remaining humble and authentic. We strive to build a work environment where mutual feedback is essential, diversity of thought is encouraged, and career aspirations are fully supported. We lift our colleagues, partners, and patients with care, trust, and respect and celebrate their uniqueness. Every one of our team members is a valuable piece of our identity. 

Our Operating Principles

Our values have guided us during the most transformative years of our history and define how we get things done. While we strive to design and build the best culture so everyone in our teams can align with our vision, we make sure to breathe life into our values through our Operating Principles. They allow us to blend the stability that comes from a 130-year heritage with the agility and dynamism of a start-up. 



Act on need, not precedent 


Achieve extraordinary results and celebrate success 



Be accountable to make the difference 


Love what you do, find what you love 



We, not them  


Be generous with knowledge, perspectives and learning

Margherita Treves, Head of HR Business Partners and Global Development – Senior Director  

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Every success at Dompé is the fruit of the collective contributions of people from diverse life experiences and backgrounds. We recognize and celebrate the value of being different in our company. We believe that recruiting, leading, empowering, and rewarding talent in the same way, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality or religion, is the best way to make better decisions and drive innovation.  

People with extraordinary abilities and potential come to Dompé because they want to make a difference. Our responsibility is to nurture an environment that supports them to feel comfortable, grow into their best selves and unlock their full potential. When it comes to diversity and inclusion, we like to let actions do the talking and remain committed to enhancing our efforts to embed DE&I in our offices around the world and further diversify our team and our suppliers and partners. 

We create value through gender equality 

By breaking down barriers and learning to tackle gender biases in our recruitment practices and outreach, as well as in our decisions, we are proud to report that we have already made significant headway and closed the gender gap across our organization. Women comprise more than 50% of our workforce, including senior management and the leadership team. This rate is impressive, yet we encourage our leaders and people managers to be supportive and prioritize women's mentoring and development across different areas of our business, especially in STEM.  

We promote racial equity in our communities 

Dompé directly provides impactful internship opportunities while building a diverse and robust talent pool for our company. We have launched our paid Summer Internship Program in the US as part of our commitment to our forever Diversity, Equity & Inclusion plan. This program is designed to provide opportunities for high-potential graduate students interested in learning more about the Life Sciences industry. It allows them to work on challenging, business-critical projects, network with biotech professionals, and further refine their professional development plans, which helps them influence their long-term career success.  

We hold recruitment sessions at a number of university campuses and will also post internships at specific universities and diversity-focused groups and associations to ensure that we broaden our reach and open our opportunities to more BIPOC candidate pools and students. 

We aim for diversity in our clinical trials  

Clinical trials are needed to define the safety and efficacy of new therapies for patients. We are mindful that people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds may respond differently to the same drugs. That's why it is so important to have a diverse racial and ethnic patient population. Unfortunately, data confirm that there is currently significant under-representation of BIPOC patients in clinical research. Most initiatives to increase diversity in clinical trials are focused on participants. However, BIPOC patients often seek healthcare from BIPOC physicians and clinicians. With a lack of racial and ethnic diversity among the researchers, the research community can miss this vital connection to these patients.  

To address this discordance in clinical trials, Dompé continuously tries to apply DE&I learnings to clinical trial site selection, select sites in underrepresented areas, and develop relationships with diverse providers who might someday partner with us.