About Us

Discoveries in science and technology mean our knowledge of diseases has grown to the point where more people live healthier lives than ever before. This is progress but more needs to be done, especially for those living with unmet medical needs. ​At Dompé, we push our understanding of science and pursue research and development in new and unexpected areas to positively impact those patients’ lives.

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Revenues in euro (2023)


Packages manufactured in 2020

Production lines (7 synthesis, 1 biotech)


Therapeutic Areas

Ophthalmology, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, and conditions with high unmet need



Europe, United States, China



Synthesis and biotech


Biotech Approvals

AIFA (National Medicines Agency), Italy
EMA (European Medicines Agency), Europe
FDA (Food and Drug Administration), USA
NMPA (National Medical Products Administration), China
Health Canada
Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) Certificate of Compliance

Dompé farmaceutici S.p.A., parent company of the Dompé operating companies, with headquarters in Milan, Italy and wholly-owned by the Italian company, Dompé Holdings srl, is an international biopharmaceutical company involved in all activities of the pharmaceutical value chain, from research to development, production and marketing. Our evolution has taken us from being Milan’s first compounding pharmacy to an international company that straddles both primary care and biopharma. As a long-established family company, we blend the stability that comes from our 130-year heritage with the agility and dynamism of a start-up.

Innovative research leads to novel treatments

In the pursuit of improving human health, our R&D strives to break through in unconventional places. This is what led us to Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), a Nobel Prize-winning discovery made in 1986. We leveraged 50 years of research to transform this discovery into a breakthrough treatment. Our human recombinant NGF is the first treatment for a rare degenerative eye disease. That deep appreciation of science keeps us committed to investigating neurotrophins.

Harnessing technology to accelerate drug discovery

Our relentless pursuit in identifying new treatments for disease allowed us to harness the potential of bioinformatics to accelerate the drug discovery process. The result is Exscalate, a structure-based virtual screening platform developed in-house and presently one of the most powerful supercomputing and artificial intelligence platforms for drug testing, and the most extensive enumerated chemical library in the world for preclinical and clinical candidate identification.

Our production hub is the heart of Dompé

We can turn transformative breakthroughs into treatments because, as well as taking-on challenges with our R&D, we have the right qualities and capabilities to deliver new drugs. Our 160,000 square meter R&D and production site in L’Aquila, Italy, is the heart of Dompé. Here, we conduct vital research, and produce and distribute our primary care and biotech products.

We value our people

Our people are our most important asset. The passion for making a meaningful difference in patients’ lives drives them on. ​In the relentless pursuit of our mission, we adhere scrupulously to ethical principles, operate with the highest integrity, and ensure that we listen and learn from patients. We are also deeply committed to partnering with the scientific community to unlock value from drug and technology developments and advance discoveries into new treatments. ​

Focused on the road ahead

Our hunger to keep progressing, and to deliver what patients need from science, keeps us focused on what matters. ​We embrace the challenge in science.