Eye, Skin & Oral Care


Eye Care

The sensation of dry eyes is a phenomenon all too many of us are familiar with. Eyes that are red and feel itchy, gritty and stinging are almost always the result of our eyes not bringing properly lubricated. In the last 12 months, the number of Italians suffering from such eye conditions was over 9.7 million.

One of the leading causes of dry eyes is our growing exposure to digital devices, such as computers, tablets or smartphones 1, as we often stare at these devices without blinking to stimulate the tears that will lubricate our eyes. This is coupled with little time spent outdoors and increased exposure to artificial light, which further strains our eyes.

Dompé offers a line of eye drops to ensure the wellbeing of our eyes. With specific formulations, these products address a variety of needs: hydration and lubrication, relief from redness and irritation, freshening, and even treatment from symptoms caused by allergies.

1. GFK Sinottica 2021 (October 2020 - September 2021)

Skin Care

The skin is our body’s largest organ, our first defense barrier against bacteria and viruses. So it’s little surprise that we suffer many minor injuries to our skin, including abrasions, superficial wounds, minor burns and ulcers.

In these cases, it is essential to medicate and disinfect the skin to preserve healthy skin conditions and promote quick skin repair.

With a specific line of products, Dompé is a precious ally of the entire family in the skin repair area and in the disinfection of skin and mucous membranes.

Oral Care

Oral health is a key indicator of general health and wellbeing. Poor oral health affects not only our mouths, but it can also have detrimental effects on the rest of our body.  Eight Italians out of 10 reportedly suffer from at least one oral cavity disorder. The most common ones include mouth sores, gengivitis and parodontitis.

A key reason why oral diseases have grown in prominence is often the result of our hectic lifestyles, such as skipping meals, eating fast or neglecting proper oral hygiene. While oral diseases can differ in terms of cause and seriousness, a lot of common oral diseases can be easily prevented and treated. The most common of these include mouth sores, gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease).

Dompé’s commitment to oral health features a line up of products to treat mouth sores and gengivitis, which are both based on hyaluronic acid. In fact, hyaluronic acid is a natural component found in the extracellular matrix of most connective tissues. Heralded for its hydrating properties, it exhibits a beneficial effect on wound healing, helping regulate inflammation and promote the regeneration of tissue.