Manufacturing site

Our 160,000 square meter production site in L’Aquila, Italy, is the heart of Dompé's manufacturing network. Our vision of turning transformative breakthroughs into treatments becomes true here.

Key to the site are two production plants, which are responsible for the efficient manufacture and packaging of most of the products we sell in the market. These include a pharmaceutical production plant in which small molecule drug products are produced for primary care, as well as a biotech production plant dedicated to the production of active biotechnological ingredients. It is in the biotech plant where we manufacture cenegermin, the first recombinant human Nerve Growth Factor (rhNGF) treatment for Neurotrophic Keratitis, a rare degenerative eye disease.

The L’Aquila site also features warehousing, administrative offices and other facilities including research and development laboratories dedicated to identifying new therapies for rare diseases.

History of the L’Aquila production site

Since 1993 over 200 million Euro has been invested in the L’Aquila site. Today it boasts many dedicated facilities that enable Dompé to conduct breakthrough research as well as produce and distribute high-quality drugs to the market.


Inauguration of the L’Aquila production site.


Biotech pilot plant launched for the development of experimental biotechnologies.


Biotech plant GMP approved.


Creation of the industrial-scale biotech production plant consisting of industrial biotechnology upstream, downstream and cell bank.


The first expansion phase of the pharmaceutical production plant including the development of new production lines.


Following a 30 million Euro investment, Dompé completed further expansion work on the site. New areas created include a four-storey building dedicated to the production process of coated granules, a three-storey building for packaging and a new warehouse.

Production plant

Based in L’Aquila, Italy, we have two production plants; one for producing small molecule drugs for Primary & Specialty Care, and the second to manufacture the recombinant human Nerve Growth Factor (rhNGF), cenegermin.


Our Biotech plant is a manufacturing facility for producing, packaging and distributing cenegermin, for the treatment of Neurotrophic Keratitis, a rare degenerative eye disease.


At our pharmaceutical production plant, we oversee the entire process from research, sourcing, manufacturing and packaging of our Primary & Specialty Care products.