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Aging January 2020

Autocrine CXCL8-dependent invasiveness triggers modulation of actin cytoskeletal network and cell dynamics

A Antonosante et al.

Ophthalmology January 2020

Topical Recombinant Human Nerve Growth Factor (Cenegermin) for Neurotrophic Keratopathy: A Multicenter Randomized Vehicle-Controlled Pivotal Trial

SC Pflugfelder et al.

The British journal of ophthalmology January 2020

Effect of Recombinant Human Nerve Growth Factor Eye Drops in Patients With Dry Eye: A Phase IIa, Open Label, Multiple-Dose Study

M Sacchetti et al.

J Int Soc Sports Nutr. January 2020

Effects of a commercially available branched-chain amino acid-alaninecarbohydrate-based sports supplement on perceived exertion and performance in high intensity endurance cycling tests

M. Gervasi, D. Sisti, S.o Amatori, S. Donati Zeppa, G. Annibalini, G. Piccoli, L. Vallorani, P. Benelli, M. B. L. Rocchi, E. Barbieri, A. R. Calavalle, D. Agostini, C. Fimognari, V. Stocchi, P.Sestili

Molecular cancer therapeutics December 2019

Fenretinide, Tocilizumab, and Reparixin Provide Multifaceted Disruption of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Stem Cell Properties: Implications for Tertiary

Mallert SR et al.

Multidiscip Respir Med December 2019

Focus on the cetirizine use in clinical practice: a reappraisal 30 years later

A. G. Corsico, S. Leonardi, A.Licari, G. Marseglia, M. Miraglia del Giudice, D. G. Peroni, C. Salpietro, G. Ciprandi

Molecules October 2019

Catalyst-Free Synthesis of Polysubstituted 5-Acylamino-1,3-Thiazoles via Hantzsch Cyclization of α-Chloroglycinates

M Tomassetti et al.

Frontiers in oncology September 2019

Targeting the Interplay Between Cancer Fibroblasts, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, and Cancer Stem Cells in Desmoplastic Cancers

Tze-Sian Chan et al.

Cell August 2019

Structural Basis for Allosteric Ligand Recognition in the Human CC Chemokine Receptor 7

Jaeger K et al.

Nature August 2019

DF2726A, a new IL-8 signalling inhibitor, is able to counteract chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain

L Brandolini et al.

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