Digital Security

Sicurezza digitale

In the era of interconnection and enterprise 4.0, the issue of cybersecurity has become fundamental within business realities. The transition to the cloud, smart working, the digitization of processes have been fundamental steps that have transformed us into a smarter company, but at the same time have raised the level of risk to which our data are exposed. For this reason, thanks to the guidance of Daniele Rizzo, CIO, and Head of Global ICT & Digital Transformation, we are committed every day to ensure adequate protection of our digital data and production processes.

Risk analysis and preventive controls are carried out to identify possible threats, and the adoption of a security culture is encouraged among our employees. "Since I arrived at Dompé, I have wanted to create moments of reflection, sharing, and awareness related to security, to learn more about what it is and discuss the possible risks we run if we do not deal with a whole series of situations by ensuring an adequate level of protection, IT and otherwise," explains Daniele Rizzo. Security then, that passes first of all from the behaviors of employees to a new model of thinking.

According to Statista's data, in 2020 there were almost 30,000 IT security incidents worldwide and Healthcare is among the 10 most-affected industrial sectors and is in third place among the most targeted by IT espionage.

For Dompé farmaceutici, the security issue is global, operating not only in Italy but also in the United States and China. "The big threat in our industry is ransomware, a real crime that can be likened to blackmail with the blocking, or worse sabotage, of production activity and the supply chain, with the risk of undermining business continuity. Compromising the IT infrastructure is like taking out the power grid: the level of automation of a company like ours is such that it is not possible to remain idle for more than a certain time" explains Daniele Rizzo. Ensuring the overall functioning of the supply chain is vital, for the company and our patients. The hypothesis of seeing a blockade is not contemplated: in our production plant in L'Aquila, our biotech drug for the treatment of a rare disease is created and shipped worldwide. Patients, waiting to receive their dose, cannot wait because if you delay or miss an administration, the whole therapy is compromised.

According to Daniele Rizzo, it’s necessary "to defend the daily operations, the production, the work and the availability of IT resources, the plants, and all the processes that are linked to the use of IT systems. Because without these systems we couldn’t produce."

Certainly putting in place effective security measures that provide good protection has a cost, but more importantly, it has a value. A value that becomes unquantifiable for people waiting for our therapeutic solutions. This is why Dompé farmaceutici considers its commitment to digital security a real investment for the future of our company and our patients.

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