The conciliation of private life and work

Being a leader in a company where women are not a minority is a source of pride and a huge responsibility. Annaletizia Baccante, Chief Industrial Officer Dompé farmaceutici, is well aware of this duty, and she is one of the five women composing half of the company's top management. "The responsibility is not only towards work and the company but also the family. This is why the issue of conciliation is important," explains Annaletizia.

Allowing an adequate work-life balance and fair career opportunities without giving up one's personal life is undoubtedly a fundamental issue. According to the Istat report "The life of women and men in Europe -2020" in the workplace, men generally occupy higher positions than women. For example, a third (33%) of managers in the EU in 2019 were women.

A generalized situation that invests with great responsibility those who work in companies such as Dompé, where half of the workforce is women. "It is important that companies can guarantee the same opportunities for everyone. Our company is at the forefront of this," explains the Chief Industrial Officer, who continues: "By helping people, both women and men, to have equal opportunities allows you to have a solid return in your work performance and the setting up of your work."

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