Dompé Holdings Group

Investing in opportunities to shape a better future

Dompé Holdings Group, led by Sergio Dompé, invests and partners with companies that are equally committed to positively impacting our environment. As part of the Group, Dompé farmaceutici S.p.A. is committed to embrace the challenge in science to positively impact patients’ lives.

As a privately-owned family company, Dompé Holdings Group has the capacity to support a range of forward-looking companies developing and innovating new technologies to improve societal well-being. This includes companies within the healthcare sector, but also encompasses sectors from robotics and AI to agriculture and materials.

Furthermore, Dompé Holdings Group sustains the progress of Science through the Dompé Foundation, which is committed to playing a proactive role by investing in the higher education of young talents through scholarships and fellowships.

Dompé Holdings Group has a portfolio of diverse companies it sustains through various financial investments. These include:

Dompé farmaceutici S.p.A. an international biopharmaceutical company involved in all activities of the pharmaceutical chain, from research to development, production and marketing.


An Italian- Swiss biotechnology company with a mission to innovate the treatment of cancer and other serious conditions.

Directa Plus

A global company with its headquarters in Italy developing and producing graphene nanoplatelets, a next-generation material with enhanced properties to create extra-durable and over-performing products for use in a range of different industrial sectors.

Bonifiche Ferraresi Holding

An agricultural company on a mission to bring a wide range of sustainable and high-quality food products to consumers’ tables through innovative agriculture.

Movendo Technology

An Italian med-tech company that combines robotics, AI and machine learning to develop prevention and rehabilitation systems tailored to meet the needs of patients and clinicians.


Founded in 2015, e-Novia promotes and grows innovative companies in the areas of robotics, AI and smart-mobility, by building upon intellectual properties that are created together with research institutes and international corporates.


As an early-stage combined accelerator for innovative materials-based start-ups, Materias invests in material-based ventures and supports researchers in bringing innovative products and services to market.

Dompé Holdings Group also invests in innovative and forward-thinking tech companies through its partnerships with three investment groups, including:

Tamburi Investment Partners (Asset Italia)

Equity Partners Investment Club (EPIC)

Social Capital