Dompé Foundation

The Foundation supports the higher education of talented STEM students through scholarships and fellowships.

Investing in young talent

Dompé Foundation is committed to further expanding understanding of science and uncovering new research areas.

As part of this, it wants to contribute proactively to the progress of science by investing in the higher education of promising STEM students. Through scholarships and fellowships, the Foundation primarily supports those young talents who are willing to make a difference in the Life Sciences.

In today’s world, Life Sciences require a multidisciplinary education. It’s not just about medicine, physics, or chemistry. This branch of science is increasingly interconnected to other disciplines such as AI, robotics, data science and nanotechnology. In the future, transformative breakthroughs will come from the intersection of all these fields. For this reason, the Master’s degrees, PhD degrees, and postdoc studies that the Dompé Foundation supports provide students with a broad and holistic education.

The scholarship program currently encompasses 13 universities across Europe and United States. To date, over 40 scholarships have been awarded to students who are mainly engaged in the following areas of study: Medical and/or Molecular Biotechnologies, Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, and Omic sciences.

The Dompé Foundation is also involved in the safeguard and promotion of Dompé’s archives, a unique collection of documents covering the history of the Dompé from its origins to the 1960s.

On Dompé Foundation website, you can find more information about Dompé’s roots and Italy’s role in the history of the pharmaceutical industry.