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About Corporate Social Responsibility

What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a fundamental strategic asset for companies. It describes a company’s undertaking to all of its internal and external stakeholders – from public institutions to patient associations and the general public – to do what it can to protect and preserve the environment in which it operates, and to promote projects and social actions aimed at improving it.
In addition to pursuing the psycho-physical well-being of its employees in terms of safety and facilitations capable of guaranteeing a trouble-free and meritocratic professional life, a modern company needs to pay particular attention to the wider community. This means safeguarding the environment as much as possible, using production equipment and strategies the make it possible to reduce pollution, favouring the use of renewable energy, and obviously respecting consumers by constantly seeking production excellence and offering more effective and efficient products that increasingly respond to their real needs.

Dompé’s view of corporate social responsibility

Dompé considers its social commitment fundamental, and CSR a pillar of its drug research, production and marketing activities. This strategic choice is shared by its employees, who act ethically and responsibly by promoting the economic and social development of the reality in which the company operates.
The Group has always given priority to the health and safety of its employees, the protection of patients, and the safeguarding of the environment in order to contribute to further improving the well-being of the community in which it acts.
For this reason, Dompé has chosen to adopt a platform that is supported by everyone working in the company with the aim of guaranteeing a set of shared values on which to construct the company’s strategy and the everyday actions of its employees: this Code of Conduct represents a sort of “charter” with which everyone can identify.
Tat is not all. Dompé dedicates particular attention to safeguarding and valorising the environment in the conviction that its industrial development and the rehabilitation of the environmental impact of its research and production can and must co-exist, and is an imperative for any company that, like Dompé, is totally committed to facing the future. These unrenounceable conditions are strictly related to the concept of sustainable growth. On the basis of this approach, Dompé has chosen to draw up an annual “environmental balance sheet” that allows the effectiveness of the company’s choices for safeguarding and valorising the environment to be verified over time.

Dompé’s commitment: safety and the environment

Given its insistence on safety, health and the environment (strategic aspects of the company’s business for which it seeks continuous improvement) Dompé has elected to respect the principles of environmental ethics in carrying out all of its production activities. It strategic choices are therefore aimed at constant adherence to the laws in force governing the environment, safety and the protection of the health of its employees and the surrounding population. Dompé has therefore undertaken to reach the highest standards of pollution prevention and control by means of the continuous monitoring of reference parameters with the aim of reducing its environmental impact and ensuring the maximum sustainability.

Consequently, Dompé undertakes to:

  • respect environmental legislation by using the best economically sustainable technologies available;
  • prevent environmental pollution by controlling and reducing the environmental impact of its activities as a result of the continuous improvement of production processes;
  • protect the safety and health of its employees and the communities living near its production plants, and constantly involve its employees in pursuing this objective;
  • adopt a rational and controlled system of managing resources, materials and plant in order to minimise waste and the associated risks;
  • dialogue openly and transparently with local communities and public institutions.

These undertakings involve specific objectives:

  • continuous environmental monitoring;
  • reducing atmospheric emissions and acoustic pollution;
  • managing and recycling waste by separating discarded materials and actively involving all company employees.

Dompé’s environmental management system

Dompé was one of the first pharmaceutical companies to adopt an environmental management system (EMS; UNI EN ISO 14001:04), which is an important means of gradually and constantly improving its environmental performance when carrying out its activities.
By adhering to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard and implementing an EMS, Dompé once again underlined the importance of safeguarding the environment within the context of its industrial policies. It started a programme that immediately involved its production site in L’Aquila, which has been certified since 2002.
This commitment demonstrates the Group’s intention to position itself as a responsible player within its socio-economic context. Dompé acts in the conviction that industrial development and environmental sustainability can and must co-exist, and that this represents an imperative for any company that looks towards the future.

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Certificate UNI EN ISO 14001:04.