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Riccardo Colafrancesco
IMS Primary Care Senior Manager

Growing alongside a growing company

My professional life has been closely tied to Dompé, which I joined in 1988, after graduating in Economics and Commerce. I have gained expertise at Dompé through a series of training courses that have improved my job prospects and thanks to the many opportunities that I have had to develop my work. My journey entailed an ISF experience, after which I became a District Manager. In 2013, I took on my current position as IMS Primary Care Senior Manager.

A mix of skills

After entering the pharmaceutical industry, I was immediately captivated by the sector because it represents a natural crossroad of different experiences that can be integrated together. Organizational, managerial and communication skills are required alongside scientific expertise. An education in the fields of economics and business can therefore be an advantage, as has proved to be the case.

Shared values

Dompé brings together a series of values that makes it almost unique in the industry landscape. We work together rapidly and take quick decisions. Everyone carries out their work with great passion, partly because all the staff recognize and identify with the values that characterize our company. Above all, we all share the fundamental elements of the Dompé cultural model: merit, transparency and consistency.

My experience?

Exciting, engaging and challenging.