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Lorenza Simoncelli
Marketing Director Primary Care

A passion for marketing

As a young woman, I often read books about herbal remedies and dabbled in preparing herbal products. As an adult, it was therefore a natural, and even inevitable, choice for me to intern with an Italian herbal products company and get my degree in Business Administration from the University of Perugia with a thesis on the launch of an herbal product. In short, I sought to cultivate my passion by deepening it through a university education. This is why I chose the pharmaceutical industry, and why, after a range of experiences, I joined Dompé in November 2011 as OKi Brand Manager. At the end of 2013 I was named the head of the pain area, and I have been Marketing Director since April 2015.

A compelling project

People’s choices are often tied to the stimuli they receive from the environments in which they work. This is why when I came to Dompé I immediately felt like a part of the company vision, supported by a new business model on which the management had staked a great deal. In addition, being responsible for an important brand, with which I was already familiar as a competitor, has been thrilling, to say the least.

Thinking outside the box

Dompé strength is its enthusiasm: it has a great deal of energy and a desire to break the mould. This is why we are currently at the head of the industry, alongside big pharma. I immediately formed this impression, along with the certainty that I had made the right choice at a company that has also decided to undertake a considerable investment in researching innovative drugs for severe pathologies: an act of rare courage and responsibility. As usual, people make the difference: at Dompé, I have discovered passionate co-workers who are fully dedicated to completing this exciting project.

My experience?

Passion, vision and a focus on people.