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Valentina Quadrini
Site Quality Manager

A meeting along the way

After graduating in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies, I entered the sector of quality control in the pharmaceutical industry, first as a Stability Supervisor and then as Head of Chemical Release. During this time, I also obtained a post-graduate in Clinical Biochemistry. In April 2010, I joined Dompé as Quality Control Manager of the Manufacturing Division at the site in L’Aquila, which was subsequently extended to include the Biotech Analytical Laboratory, and I am now Site Quality Manager.

A question of feeling

When I first came into contact with Dompé, I was struck by the welcoming and professional attitude of the team, and immediately understood that the care and attention given to the process of selection was the starting point of the company’s strategy for confronting future challenges.

In the heart of projects

I have always appreciated the speed with which Dompé implements its strategies and projects in order to ensure that it promptly responds to new market needs and demands – an approach that is one of the company’s points of excellence. It is already very different from when I joined just a few years ago, and its prospects of development are even greater than they were. Here, the opportunities of participating in projects are much more frequent than elsewhere: routine laboratory management takes up only a small part of my time, most of which is spent on new and different activities that have a considerable impact on company strategies.

My experience?

Complete, exclusive and highly educative.