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#4change Project

A real “social campaign” intended to disseminate the concept of the importance of prevention and health.

#4change: when an act of love is the greatest revolution

#4change is a project that aims at raising awareness, through the web, on the importance of prevention and health, as well as taking good care of oneself and others through daily actions that represent real “acts of love”.

Love is the best accelerator that, when set in motion with small gestures, gives life to changes.

Promoted by Dompé in cooperation with Umberto Veronesi Foundation, #4change tells the story of these gestures through the eyes of ordinary people.

Call to action

The #4change message takes advantage of the speed and dissemination abilities of Twitter, that every day collects the stories and the thoughts of millions of people.

Users can participate in the project by posting a tweet, a picture, or a video that tells about an act of love relating to their own or another beloved person's health and prevention, by using the hashtag #4change.

Special ambassadors for the project, in addition to Nathalie Dompé, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility of the Group, are Marco Bianchi, scientific communicator from Umberto Veronesi Foundation, the journalist Matteo Grandi, the author and actor Carlo Gabardini, the youtubers Sofia Viscardi and Michele Bravi and the actress Claudia Alfonso. All of them are participants in the web ad launching the in initiative.

Watch the web spot and #4change video clips

The change told in four stories

Dompé has chosen to make a commitment, within the scope of its Corporate Social Responsibility, in support of projects able of communicating the values that the company holds or that may improve the knowledge and the level of awareness about relevant topics.

At the centre of this commitment, engaged in developing innovative therapeutic solutions for rare diseases, which are often treatment-orphan diseases, there is the willingness to position itself as a responsible player, during its time, not only toward the Patients worldwide but also toward the communities in which it operates.

Within this context, #4change is first of all a real “social campaign” intended to disseminate the concept of the importance of prevention and health. Among all the posts received from the users – from 3 to 17 September – the four most beautiful and involving acts of love will be selected and will become the subject matter of short movies directed by the film directors Alessandro Piva and Claudio Di Biagio, by the creator Sofia Viscardi, under the artistic direction of the film critic Gianni Canova and by the production company Don't Movie. The short films will then be posted on the web as small, ordinary stories that communicate a very powerful message: taking care of oneself and other's well-being is the most courageous and revolutionary act of love.

Short films will then be spread on the web as small common stories bearing a powerful message: taking care of oneself and others, the most courageous and revolutionary gesture of love.