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A film tells the story of the earthquake in L’Aquila
At 3:32 of April 6, 2009 a violent earthquake changed the course of history in L’Aquila.

Five years after that tragic early morning, a short film shows the shock and difficulties as well as the determination of an entire community to get back to life. The memories of those dramatic moments when the ground was shaking have become the frames of a short film made by the students of the Italian Scuola Nazionale di Cinema (National Film School), an institute of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Experimental Cinematography Centre).

The short film "3:32" is a Corporate Social Responsibility project promoted by Nathalie Dompé, in which the camera has the delicate task of recounting the feelings, the emotions and the pride of a population who after the tragedy found the strength to react to adversity.

Guiding us through the plot of the short film that makes us relive that experience through the eyes of those who lived it, is the narrator voice of Giancarlo Giannini, actor, director and dubbing actor who said: "I welcomed the opportunity of lending my voice in this short film that recounts one of the most tragic events of our country in the recent past. Being the narrator of the stories of the people who saw their life crumble in the space of few minutes has been a deeply moving experience to me. Italian cinema can play a fundamental role in keeping memories alive and turning them into our collective memories".

The stories of Dompé people

3:32 - the time shown by digital clocks when an earthquake surging from the bowels of the earth hit L’Aquila - is the beginning of the story in the film that is built on the memories of people who lived the events of those early morning hours and their determination to get back on their feet, back to work, in a unity of purpose shared by people and the Dompé Group.

People from Dompé’s R&D and production site in L’Aquila are the heart of the movie as their real life stories were edited into it.

"The words of our people – whom I wish to thank for sharing with us their most private memories of that experience – tell us of the pride of a town that never stalled its efforts and of the determination of its people that distinguishes it", said Nathalie Dompé.

The images and dialogues captivate viewers who find themselves fully immersed in the reality of such intensely emotional events, sharing the different feelings of those minutes, hours, day and months after the earthquake. These memories can serve as a warning and a stimulus to move forward without ever forgetting.

Watch the 3:32 video