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The research centre in Naples

The Neapolitan centre is where members of Dompé’s Research & Development business unit work on specific projects. One of these is the National Operative Project (PON), which has the aim of optimising drugs in order to obtain the proof of concept necessary in order to be able to transfer a molecule to the phase of clinical development in the field of rare diseases. The competences of Dompé have been inserted in the Medicinal Chemistry and Biology categories within the framework of a project entitled “An integrated technological platform for the development of new drugs for rare diseases” (project code PON01_0862), which was published on 18 January 2010 in the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research’s public announcement of the “National Research and Competitiveness Operative Programme 2007-2013 (PON R&C)”.
Project IMAST (the company managing the Technological District for the Engineering of Polymeric Materials, Composites and Structures) is another research project that Dompé intends to use as a means of implementing technological support for managing the life cycle of products such as recombinant human NGF (by developing new formulations suitable for the topical treatment of eye and skin diseases) and ketoprofen lysine salt (by developing new programmed-release formulations).
The activities of the R&D Technology laboratory, a CNR-based laboratory in Naples, mainly consist of developing and optimising complex therapeutic systems for the modified release of drugs for the treatment of diseases such as early morning pathologies and disorders of the posterior chamber of the eye. This initiative is part of the call that gave rise to Project “POLIFARMA” (Micro- and nano-particle polymeric systems for the administration of pharmacologically active molecules), which was published on 18 October 2010 in the public announcement of the “National Research and Competitiveness Operative Programme 2007-2013”, axis 1 “Support for Structural Changes”.

For its site in Naples, Dompé has implemented a management system that satisfies the provisions contained in the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.



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