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Milano, 1st May 2018. The pharmaceutical company Dompé, the Chairman, the Board of Directors, the Advisors, the Executives, the Employees and the Collaborators, incredulous and dismayed, announce the sudden and premature death of the Chief Executive Officer Eugenio Aringhieri.

Eugenio Aringhieri had been leading the company for over a decade, after a long career in the pharmaceutical sector started in the multinational company Janssen. Twenty-two years ago the meeting with Sergio Dompé, Chairman of the Company, and the beginning of a long professional and human partnership.

Appreciated by the international scientific community, he has contributed to the realization of important joint ventures with partners such as Amgen and Biogen. In 2012, he led the acquisition of the Anabasis startup, embodying Dompé’s commitment in the field of rare diseases and more recently, in 2016, he gave an essential contribution to the acquisition of the Bracco pharmaceutical division.

Aringhieri was a member of many companies’ Boards of Directors, including Philogen, AAA, e-Novia, Anabasis, President of the Farmindustria Group of Biotechnology, Member of the Trade Commission of Cluster Alisei. In 2016 he won the award for best European CEO of the year in Biotech and, in 2017, he was named Best Performing CEO always in Biotech field.

The Chairman Sergio Dompé, who remembers him as a great friend, a beloved father, an incomparable husband and a man of great professionalism who has guided the company with sight and ability, has declared that he wants to follow the path set out together with Eugenio Aringhieri, giving even more impetus to its project as a guide for tomorrow.

Eugenio Aringhieri, 58 years old, leaves his wife Paola, his sons Giorgio and Lorenzo and a granddaughter, Beatrice. The whole company joins the pain of the family.