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Friliver® Sport is an official Partner of the Federazione Italiana Triathlon

Milan, 2 Febbraio 2018 – Friliver® Sport, the range of dietary supplements for athletes manufactured by Dompé, is an official Partner of the Federazione Italiana Triathlon [Italian Triathlon Federation]. Proudly announcing the news are the Italian biopharmaceutical company, whose product portfolio includes a range of solutions for personal wellness and health, and the FITRI, Federazione Italiana Triathlon.

The partnership agreement signed between the two will see Friliver® Sport sponsor FITRI as its main partner for the next three years at such sports events as the Championships for the Italian title and in the process leading Italian triathletes to the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Passion and attention to detail are the defining characteristics that bond nearly 30 thousand triathletes in Italy in the various professional categories to our range of Friliver® Sport dietary supplements,” said Eugenio Aringhieri, CEO of Dompé. “We want to provide our support to these athletes in all stages of the sport: from training to performance and all the way to recovery. Without forgetting that for Dompé, the key to promoting a steady culture of wellness lies also and above all in the practice of sports at all levels”.

When practising a sport, our body needs to have all the “ingredients” readily available. Just as the sport we choose to practice should be based on a set of variable parameters, in the same way, the nutritional intake provided by dietary supplements has to be modulated according to the individual body’s needs. And that is the philosophy behind the range of Friliver® Sport dietary supplements, which stand for quality and excellence “made in Italy” to meet the body’s different metabolic needs, before, during and after having engaged in a sport, and to provide an individually tailored response at all times to athletes, both professional and amateur.

Today we are announcing a very important partnership for us that will allow Dompé to strengthen a vital link between the world of top-level professional sports and food supplementation, which is essential in the life of every athlete,” said Luigi Bianchi, President of FITRI. “Triathlon is a sport that continues to grow in Italy and which has the merit of having rekindled the general interest of several fans and many young people in sports. Our partnership with a pharmaceutical company like Dompé will allow us to continue the dialogue we have been engaging in at all levels to help spread a healthy culture of sport and food supplementation”.

For more information, visit www.friliver.it and www.fitri.it