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A recognition to those who have distinguished themselves for their commitment to research

Sergio Dompé presented with the A.R.M.R. ONLUS Foundation 2016 Award

Milan, 26 November 2016. A recognition to those who have distinguished themselves for their commitment to research, a pursuit of values experienced as a life testimony: in a nutshell, this is the spirit behind the A.R.M.R. (Aiuto alla Ricerca nelle Malattie Rare - Support to Rare Disease Research) Foundation's Award, assigned in 2016 to Sergio Dompé, President of Dompé Farmaceutici.

The Award ceremony, held today at the Commodity Exchange of the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture, was attended by leading experts including Prof. Giuseppe Remuzzi, Director of the Department of Medicine of the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital and Research Coordinator of the Mario Negri Institute of Bergamo; Prof. Silvio Garattini, Founder and Director of the Mario Negri Institute, and Prof. Ariela Benigni, Head of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the Mario Negri Institute.

"I am very proud to have been invited to this event, and it is with a sense of great responsibility that I receive the recognition of an institution to which I am deeply grateful for their efforts in the field of rare diseases," said Sergio Dompé, President of Dompé Farmaceutici. "In this field, the presence of international Research Centres, Clinics and Hospitals has already allowed our country to have more than 10% of scientific papers in the life sciences dedicated to Rare Diseases: this percentage is the highest in Europe and even in the United States. In my opinion, today it is essential that the world of business and finance increase the resources devoted to the development of a number of projects aimed at bringing treatment to those who really need it. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Daniela Guadalupi, Silvio Garattini and Giuseppe Remuzzi for their praiseworthy activities in favour of patients and for contributing to the value of our beloved country".

Established in 1993 at the initiative of Prof. Silvio Garattini and Knight of Labour Daniela Guadalupi, the A.R.M.R. Foundation aims to promote knowledge of research studies on rare diseases and their treatments, in a firm belief that research plays a key role in shaping the future and providing support and hope to patients.