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Tradition and innovation combine to benefit patient wellness and care

Bracco and Dompé: an all-Italian agreement

Milan, 18th November 2016 – Bracco and Dompé announce that they have signed an agreement through which the Pharma Division of the Bracco Group will become part of the Italian Biopharmaceutical group led by Sergio Dompé. The closing is scheduled to take place before the end of the year.

The pharmaceutical division of Bracco, whose 2016 turnover is anticipated to be 80 million euros (equal to 6% of the Group's total sales), is present on the Italian market only, with a product portfolio including both prescription drugs in the main therapeutic sectors such as the gastrointestinal, neurological, endocrinological and cardiovascular sectors, and over-the-counter products and supplements, with certain very well-known brand names.

“In a competitive and constantly evolving business environment, it is necessary to build a critical mass; therefore, this deal with another leading company such Dompé represents an opportunity which will ensure continuity and the presence of our prestigious product list on the market”, explains Diana Bracco, chair and managing director of the Group of the same name, a world leader in the diagnostic imaging field, with direct presences in all the main markets. “We will now continue with an ever greater focus on and commitment to the Group's core business, with large investments in our important Italian plants, in the development of our portfolio and of our geographical presence, and in Research and Development where we already currently invest around 10% of turnover.”

The Bracco Group, which owns research centres in Colleretto Giacosa, Geneva, Minneapolis and Princeton, produces contrast media and solutions for all diagnostic techniques: x-rays (including computed tomography - CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound (US) and nuclear imaging (NI). Bracco's product range also includes advanced medical devices and systems for the automatic administration of contrast media for cardiovascular procedures through its American subsidiary, Acist.

“The agreement with Dompé is the climax of an all-Italian industrial project that promotes the values and tradition of two prestigious companies that have helped to write important pages in the history of Italian pharmaceuticals”, sums up Diana Bracco.

Dompé, an Italian biopharmaceutical company with a vocation for innovation, boasts a long-standing tradition in the personal wellness and health sector, which it merges with a commitment to research and development for unmet treatment needs. Founded in 1940 in Milan, Dompé also has an R&D facility in Naples, and research & Development and production facilities in L'Aquila. The Group also owns active sites elsewhere in Europe and in the United States. In addition to conducting research projects in the biotechnological sector, Dompé is also a well-known player in the primary care and self-medication field. The Group has gained consolidated expertise in the respiratory and pain and inflammation areas, for which it markets some of the most popular solutions in Italy. Its product portfolio is currently sold in 40 different countries.

“This is an operation that, for me, constitutes a milestone and the completion of a union between two business cultures founded on values in which, as an entrepreneur, I firmly believe – states Sergio Dompé, chairman of the Dompé group. “For our company, it represents the confirmation of a model based on the strength of tradition and an on-going quest for innovation. I am convinced that this step will give an added boost to the Group's industrial design, as part of an approach of strategic development, on various fronts, that has always distinguished Dompé's business”.

“It is with pride that we take up this new challenge that combines our experience with Bracco's success story, on the strength of the strategy of incremental innovation that guides our commitment in the primary care sector – explains Eugenio Aringhieri, CEO of the Dompé Group. “Thanks to the complementary nature of the product portfolios of the two companies and their value, which is acknowledged by both the scientific community and patients, we aim to strengthen our product range by including this important player in a model that aims to keep attention firmly on the answers to give all patients, day-after-day”