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The pharmaceutical Group's website has been optimized for mobile devices

Dompé communication is increasingly digital: the new mobile site is now live

The pharmaceutical Group's website has been optimized for mobile devices: all the information on the company and its Research and Development activities are now available on touch-screens.

Milan, 04 February 2015. Scientific content, constantly updated news about the company and an immediate, accessible design. The pharmaceutical Group Dompé has chosen this approach to meet the challenge of digital with a new mobile version of the company site.

With an attractive layout specifically designed for smartphones, the company has decided to strengthen its web-based communication by focusing on innovation, aiming to create an open dialogue with patients and stakeholders.

As a result of new habits, methods and technologies, the latest data on the spread of the internet in Italy shows exponential growth in the percentage of users who use smartphones to access the web, who now exceed those who access it via their PCs1.

The new m-site offers all the content and functionality of the desktop site in a completely adapted version that reflects the company's innovative approach, with a clean, carefully-considered design that is compatible with every type of mobile device, providing responsive texts and three-dimensional images.

em>"This latest innovation is part of the far-reaching innovation that is fundamental to our approach: as a company that is strongly committed to research on the international stage, such new technology is a crucial tool for establishing an open dialogue with patients and stakeholders," explains Eugenio Aringhieri, CEO of Dompé. "Following the launch of the corporate website, which was awarded as the best in the industry, and the company's direct presence on YouTube and LinkedIn, the new mobile site aims to innovate the way we communicate, focusing on the immediacy and speed offered by mobile navigation. Transparency and sharing are essential tools for a business in our industry. In Italy alone, 50% of patients use the internet to research information on health2, a statistic that rises to 72% internationally3. It is therefore essential to create awareness, inform and offer valuable, safe and authoritative content, through a portal that meets the standards of the digital world."

From the section with the latest news, to insights on therapeutic areas in which Dompé is committed to the development of new therapeutic solutions, to the area reserved for doctors, everything is designed to promote an even more open dialogue with the company.


1 Source: Audiweb – Total digital audience novembre 2015. Nel giorno medio sono stati 22.2 milioni gli italiani online, 18.4 milioni da device mobili (smartphone e tablet) e 12.2 milioni da desktop.

2 Source: http://www.quotidianosanita.it/studi-e-analisi/articolo.php?articolo_id=33529

3 Source: http://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheets/health-fact-sheet/