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Dompé at the event that shined a spotlight on science and research in Abruzzo

Researchers’ Night 2015: Dompé at the event that shined a spotlight on science and research in Abruzzo

L’Aquila, September 25th, 2015. A whole night dedicated to research and to spreading the scientific culture of researchers in the city that is the beating heart of Dompé’s R&D.

L’Aquila was the venue of the second edition of “SHARPER - The European Researchers’ Night”, which was part of the broader event, now in its tenth year, promoted by the European Commission with the objective of raising public awareness on the importance of scientific culture and arousing the curiosity of public opinion about research professions.

The event in L’Aquila, which was associated with others held in the cities of Perugia and Ancona, was promoted on the initiative of the INFN Gran Sasso National Laboratory, the University of L’Aquila and the Gran Sasso Science Institute and was sponsored by several local authorities and organizations. From the afternoon to late in the night some of the hallmarks of Abruzzo’s largest town, from Piazza Duomo to Palazzetto dei Nobili, from Auditorium del Parco to the Municipal Park, all hosted meetings, conferences and shows dedicated to presenting the talent of the people who contribute to making research “made in L’Aquila” an epitome of international excellence.

Once again this year, Dompé was among the stars of the event with a stand in Piazza Duomo that was a real scientific and interactive laboratory, the DompéLab.

Many visitors of all ages and university students had the opportunity to learn about the world of scientific research through a wide range of activities: from the MultimediaLab with multimedia presentations dedicated to scientific issues, through the MicroLab devoted to microscope observations and VistaLab to learn more about how the human eye works, to the Kids ScienceLab, a laboratory with scientific experiments that was a huge success among the event’s younger visitors.

L’Aquila is home to Dompé’s production and research center, which employs about 250 people, of whom over 70 in R&D. Established in 1993, it covers an area of over 30,000 m2 and is widely recognized today as a center of excellence at an international level, in addition to being one of the most important research centers in central and southern Italy.