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An alliance for the international distribution of the company’s OTC product range

Agreement between Dompé and Omega Pharma for the international distribution of the Italian company’s OTC product range

  • Over 50 countries covered by the agreement;
  • Marketing activities in the different countries set to start in 2017

Milan, 30th September 2015.Dompé farmaceutici and Omega Pharma, a division of Perrigo Company plc, a top 5 Over-The-Counter (“OTC”) global pharmaceutical company, announced today the signing of an agreement for the international marketing of the OTC product range of the Italian biopharmaceutical Group.

Omega Pharma has been granted the exclusive right to distribute the main brands of the OTC line of the Italian group in over 50 countries. The first marketing activities are expected in 2017 and should cover key countries in Europe.

“The partnership with Omega Pharma is an important step in the growth of the Dompé Group which, while maintaining its Italian identity, is pursuing its strategy for the internationalisation of its portfolio, from the OTC drugs to those for the treatment of Rare Diseases,” says Eugenio Aringhieri, CEO of Dompé farmaceutici. “The alliance with Omega Pharma is further proof of the strength of our OTC range: brands and therapeutic solutions already well established in Italy will have the opportunity to be enhanced in new geographical areas, hoping that they will become leaders in the treatment of the various conditions in these countries, too.” 

The strategy of incremental innovation implemented by the Group in the OTC area combines the expertise acquired by Omega Pharma, a global company aimed at offering a wide range of high-quality therapeutic solutions to patients in North America, Europe and Australia.

“This is the most important strategic partnership Omega Pharma has entered into under my tenure and one that I will personally continue to sponsor”, says Christoph Staeuble, Chief Operating Officer di Omega Pharma. "It gives us access to a very exciting set of products and technologies which perfectly fit our Group’s strategies and assets. Since our collaboration is based on a genuine connection, shared values and a true win-win leveraging the respective strengths of our two organisations, I have no doubt that we will jointly achieve disruptive, sustainable in-market success”.