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Dompé’s video on rare diseases wins at the Young Director Awards

International accolades for “The Rarest Ones” Dompé’s video on rare diseases wins at the Young Director Awards

  • “The Rarest Ones” is a video developed by the Italian biopharmaceutical company Dompé dedicated to the development of therapeutic solutions for rare and orphan diseases, under the patronage of the Italian Federation for Rare Diseases, UNIAMO F.I.M.R. Onlus, on the occasion of World Rare Disease Day, last February;
  • The film project, which can be viewed on the Dompé YouTube channel at this link, won in the European Web Film category at the sixteenth edition of the Young Director Awards in Cannes;
  • The award is a testament to the communicational power of the video, which features Tommaso, a 22-year-old with a rare disease who embodies a story that describes a surprising parallelism: the story of people and animals with no other choice but to live as “rarities”;

Milan, 3 July 2015. With nearly 900,000 views and counting on YouTube (link to the video), the film’s popularity invites us to reflect on the effectiveness of video communication in spreading an important message: those living on a daily basis with a rare disease must not be ignored.

After achieving viral status, “The Rarest Ones” video - created by the biopharmaceutical company Dompé under the patronage of the Italian Federation for Rare Diseases, UNIAMO F.I.M.R. Onlus to raise public awareness for World Rare Disease Day - has recently also achieved a prestigious international recognition. The film in fact won in the European Web Film category at the Young Director Awards in Cannes, a competition that has promoted the finest international creative talent in commercial film production since 1998 and draws thousands of candidates each year.

“This recognition not only makes us proud of the work we have done, but it also acknowledges the innovative character promoted by a communication campaign that aims to shed an international light on our mission and our ongoing commitment to patients, ” - explained Eugenio Aringhieri, CEO Dompé Group. We are particularly proud that this campaign and the important message behind it has achieved so much success worldwide and helped to raise awareness on and draw attention to the delicate subject of rare disease research”.

The film possesses extraordinary cinematographic power - online on Dompé YouTube channel since 23 February 2015 – and features Tommaso Galluppi, 22. Tommaso has a rare disease and brings to the screen the story of those who, not by choice, live their lives as a “rarity,” be they animals or human beings.

Created by the Saatchi & Saatchi agency, directed by Roberto Saku Cinardi and produced by Al One, the video – shot in the scenic surroundings of Lazio, Abruzzo and the Canary Islands – reflects Dompé’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of research for innovative therapeutic solutions for rare diseases and hinges on a subtle parallel between animal species risking extinction and those who suffer from rare diseases.

The film highlights how campaigns to raise awareness of the possible danger of extinction of some species of wildlife attract our attention and can provoke a reaction of sympathy and indignation. In comparison, rare diseases in humans receive less attention from the media. Tommaso brings to the screen an evocative analogy between two worlds, almost as if the animals have become “endorsers” in a sort of virtuous relay.

A succession of extraordinarily cinematographic images, sounds and settings are brought together in the figure of Tommaso and the claim that “To be rare like me is to be ignored”. A message that is intended to shake our consciences and invite us to reflect, a means of opening of our eyes.

To watch and share “The Rarest Ones”:http://youtu.be/Tmv2LKNeEoI

To watch special video content: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tmv2LKNeEoI&list=PLrFVSK5Z1Ef9V93eCqS4idIQ_g1OXoxQb#action=share