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www.dompetrials.com: a website dedicated to clinical trials

Dompé offers a new “window” on the world of scientific research, with the www.dompetrials.com website, dedicated to clinical trials

  • The new Dompé website aims at becoming nothing less than a hub of information concerning the biopharmaceutical Group’s national and international clinical research activities
  • A further addition to the recently launched institutional website that is receiving accolades from all over the world and has now been enriched by a new chapter in the fascinating story of Drug Discovery

Milan, December 17, 2014.A richly detailed and panoramic hub on the world of clinical research, ranging from information for clinical trial participants to in-depth descriptions of the trials promoted by Dompé: this is the biopharmaceutical Group’s latest contribution to web-based communication. The new website www.dompetrials.com provides an easy-to-consult “window” full of innovative content that is in line with the style and approach already adopted by the company’s institutional site, which is proving to be highly successful throughout the world.

The latest in the long list of prizes that bear witness to this success is the dual recognition given by the fact that it was the only Italian winner in the Corporate and Pharmaceutical sections of the American W3 Awards for the most innovative websites. Furthermore, last September, the Dompé website won the WebAward’s Pharmaceuticals Standard of Excellence, a global prize for websites involving 96 different industries.

“The web is a privileged means of breaking down frontiers and spreading knowledge. It is for this reason that the Dompé Group, which is dedicated to a process of internationalisation and highly committed to research, has chosen to focus on this environment by promoting virtual bridges between the company’s activities and the Internet”, – explained Eugenio Aringhieri, CEO of Dompé Group. “The creation of the www.dompetrials.com website fits into this perspective by facilitating, at international level, the flow of information concerning our research and development of treatments for often rare and currently untreatable diseases in the fields of ophthalmology, oncology, organ transplantation and diabetology. Our hope is that the new website will not only communicate our commitment to research, but also become a useful source of information for patients and the scientific community throughout the world”.

The www.dompetrials.com website is therefore an effective way of helping anyone who would like to know more about the clinical development of new candidate drugs or have more information about taking part in clinical trials. In addition to defining the organisation and characteristics of clinical trials, it offers visitors easily accessible information concerning not only the role and rights of patients, but also what can be expected from an experimental treatment. Everything is explained in simple language and by means of techniques such as questions and answers in order to allow everyone to understand the complexity of clinical trials and their protocols, and their expected results. Finally, a service that makes it possible to identify the location of the centres involved in conducting a trial is also provided.

This is not the only news concerning the Group’s web communication. Its institutional site, www.dompe.com, has been enriched by a new section entirely dedicated to Drug Discovery, which will allow academics, researchers and the general public to follow the phases leading from research intuitions to the development of a new drug, and provides more information about the ability of the Dompé research team to offer its “incubating” capacities to third-party projects. In addition to giving an overall view of what the Italian biopharmaceutical company’s teams can offer in the fields of classical pharmacology and the new biotechnologies, the section also offers information about the equipment and organisational capabilities of the Drug Discovery team, and the ongoing collaborations with leading public and private research institutions.