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The event was attended by leading members of the institutional and pharmaceutical industry

“Production of value”: Dompé site in L'Aquila hosts the workshop of Farmindustria

L'Aquila, 28 November 2014.The Dompé site in L’Aquila today hosted an important meeting that was attended by politicians and leading figures in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dompé was chosen by Farmindustria (the Italian pharmaceutical industry association) as the site of its workshop entitled “Drug industry production of value: a patrimony that Italy cannot afford to lose” with the aim of drawing attention to the central role of the Italian pharmaceutical industry as a driving force for national growth in terms of employment, and economic and social progress.

The economist Marco Fortis has recently pointed out that the traditional “four A’s” of Italian production (Automazione, Abbigliamento, Arredo-casa and Alimentari [automation, clothing, household furnishings and food]) have by now become the “five M’s”: Mangiar bene, Moda, Mobili, Meccanica e Medicinali [eating well, fashion, furniture, engineering and medicinals].

And Abruzzo is an example of the way in which the pharmaceutical industry has become nothing less than an Italian excellence, with its 1,200 workers and a level of hi-tech exports that accounts for 71% of the total in the region as against a national average of 54%. There are pharmaceutical companies in all of the principal cities in Abruzzo, particularly L'Aquila – one of the most important in the whole country – and Pescara.

L’Aquila is the fifth city in Italy in terms of the incidence of pharmaceutical employees (700) among all manufacturing workers. And the value of its exports, which increased by 62% in the first half of 2014, accounts for 27% of all of the province’s manufacturing exports.

The workshop was attended by Massimo Scaccabarozzi, the President of Farmindustria, Luciano D'Alfonso, the President of Abruzzo, Senator Stefania Pezzopane, Massimo Cialente, the Mayor of L’Aquila, and leading representatives of industry and the trade unions, and underlined the key role that pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical research play today and will increasingly play in the future.