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Agreement to expand L’Aquila site and develop new therapeutic products

Invitalia and Dompé sign a 41 million euro development contract

Roma, 19 November 2014. Invitalia and the pharmaceutical company Dompé have signed a development contract aimed at innovating the technologies of the company plant in L’Aquila (Abruzzo) and developing new treatments for skin and eye diseases.

The agreement was signed in Rome by Domenico Arcuri, CEO of Invitalia, and Eugenio Aringhieri, CEO of Dompé.

The total investment has a value of 41,5 milion euro , of which 9,5 will be financed by Invitalia.

In detail:

  • 23 million is destined for an industrial investment project aimed at expanding and diversifying the Campo di Pile production plant in L’Aquila, which will be equipped to make use of more technological production methods: 13.7 million will be used to buy new machinery and equipment, and 9.3 million for construction works.
  • 18,5 million will go towards financing research for the development and testing of new drugs for eye diseases and other topical uses.

The entire programme will be completed by the end of 2017.

“The agreement with Dompé is particularly significant – said Domenico Arcuri – because it will consolidate the presence of an important company in a part of the country that is going through a delicate economic phase, and one in which Invitalia is particularly interested in contributing towards strengthening its production and entrepreneurial activities”.

“Innovation is a cornerstone of our strategic plans – explained Eugenio Aringhieri. and this agreement further confirms the fact that our research and production centre in L’Aquila is, and intends to continue being in the forefront of the sector. This important step will further reinforce the Group’s investments in innovation for the benefit of patients throughout the world. In particular, it will strengthen our research and production activities related to the development of nerve growth factor as a possible treatment for eye diseases and other topical uses, and enable us to increase our production capacity and install new lines in support of our primary care products”.