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Forty-six million euros of planned investments, more than 10 million of which have been allocated by the Italian government

Dompé takes another step in the direction of growth and innovation with the signing in Rome of a development contract in support of strategic projects for its site in L’Aquila

  • Forty-six million euros of planned investments, more than 10 million of which have been allocated by the Italian government.
  • Dompé’s development plan involves R&D investments of 18 million euros for the development of Nerve Growth Factor as a possible therapeutic solution for eye and skin diseases, whereas the remaining 28 million will be used to finance the industrial development of the production site, including an increase in production capacity and the installation of new lines supporting the Group’s primary care strategy.

Milan, 22nd July 2014. At the presence of the Minister for Economic Development, Federica Guidi, the Under-Secretary of the Council of Ministers, and the CEO of Invitalia, Domenico Arcuri, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has signed a national development contract at Palazzo Chigi that has the aim of supporting 24 strategic investment projects that will play a highly significant role in the social and economic future of the country.

These include a project involving the Dompé Group, one of the main actors in the pharmaceutical industry: the Government has allocated 10 million euros for the Group’s production and R&D centre in L’Aquila as part of an overall investment project of more than 46 million, of which more than 36 million has been invested by the Group itself: 18 million euros for R&D strategy, and 28 million for the industrial development of the production plant.

The investment will also have positive effects on employment, as it has been estimated that the two projects will lead to the creation of about 20 new jobs a year.

“We can be very proud of this agreement because it will not only boost the growth of our company, but also represents an important recognition of the quality and innovation that has characterised the progress of our production activities over the years”, underlined Eugenio Aringhieri, CEO of Dompé Group. “While preserving its Italian heart and maintaining production capacity in L’Aquila, the Group is taking on an increasingly global dimension as a result of the intuition of its researchers and the advanced technology of its production and R&D centre, which has become a point of reference for the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. The investments have a dual purpose: to create a centre of excellence for the development and production of innovative formulations of biotechnological products, and to implement some areas within the plant for the production of primary care medical specialties. Dompé has long been pursuing the strategic aim of providing innovative therapeutic solutions for patients throughout the world, and the Government has now recognised its prospective value, particularly in an area such as that of L’Aquila.”.