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The script was built on the memories of Dompé’s people who have a leading role in the CSR projects of the Group.

3:32 a film about the earthquake in L’Aquila thanks to Dompé

Five years after a terrible earthquake devastated the Italian town, the short film masterfully made by the students of the Experimental Cinematography Centre’s National Film School makes us relive those tragic moments and shows the pride of L’Aquila people and their determination to get back to life

  • The script was built on the memories of Dompé’s people who have a leading role in the CSR projects of the Italian biopharmaceutical Group
  • Giancarlo Giannini is the narrator whose voice guides us through the story as seen through the eyes of the people who lived it
  • The short film can be viewed on Dompé’s website www.dompe.com

L’Aquila, Italy, April 1, 2014 – 3:32 - the time shown by digital clocks when an earthquake surging from the bowels of the earth hit L’Aquila – has become the symbol of a tragedy that should not be forgotten. But it has also become the symbol of the determination of its people to get back on their feet, return to normal and see their town reborn.

Those tragic moments, the fear, the return to normal life and the hope for the reconstruction of the town and of its social fabric is what is shown in the frames of “3:32”, the short film made by the students of the Scuola Nazionale di Cinema (National Film School) of L’Aquila Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Experimental Cinematography Centre), whose production was strongly promoted by the leading Italian biopharmaceutical company Dompé as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility commitment. The short film will be presented today at the Auditorium designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano at the Spanish Fortress in L’Aquila, in the presence of the town Mayor Massimo Cialente, Senator Stefania Pezzopane, the Director of L’Aquila branch of Italy’s Film Academy Marcello Foti, and Dompé Group Corporate Social Responsibility Director Nathalie Dompé.

“Our people from Dompé’s R&D and production site in L’Aquila were involved in the 3:32 Project, they are its heart with their stories edited into the movie” – says Nathalie Dompé, Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Dompé Group. “Their words tell us of the pride of a town and of a company that never stalled their efforts, of the determination of our people that led us to be up and running just few weeks after the earthquake. This common resolve of all Dompè people to attain shared goals is one of the forces behind the steady expansion of the site, in a business, the biotechnology business, with great potential to deliver economic growth and development of the talents of this community.”

In the year when an Italian movie wins the Oscar for best foreign language film, the short film made in L’Aquila shows a “Great Beauty” made of determination and resolve for re-birth. It is an inclusive “Great Beauty” built on the memories of those who were there that terrible early morning and their resolve to recover, driven by a unity of purpose that engaged people and the company in common efforts to get back to work.

The short film starts and ends with the image of a grandfather talking to a child signifying that people from all ages were affected by the catastrophe. It also highlights how important it is to pass hope and pride from one generation to the next and shows how such a devastating event can be relived and narrated with a light touch almost as if it were a fairy tale. “The voice of the grandfather is the voice of Giancarlo Giannini, an icon of Italian cinema” – continues Nathalie Dompé – “Thanks to the splendid work of people from Italy’s Film Academy L’Aquila branch, today, we as a company can bring a new testimony of what happened to the lives of our people, their homes and families and of how people can – and must – react, hope, rebuild for the common good and especially for the good of future generations.”

“I welcomed the opportunity of lending my voice in this short film that recounts one of the most tragic events of our country in the recent past” – said Giancarlo Giannini, actor, director, dubbing actor and narrator voice in “3:32”. Being the narrator of the stories of the people who saw their life crumble in the space of few minutes has been a deeply moving experience to me. Italian cinema can play a fundamental role in keeping memories alive and turning them into our collective memories.”

In the Corporate Social Responsibility “3:32” project, the filming camera has been most effective in capturing people’s feelings and emotions brought back by tapping the memory and the pride of a community that has found the strength to react to adversity. The images and dialogues captivate viewers who find themselves fully immersed in the reality of such intensely emotional events, sharing the different feelings of those minutes, hours, day and months. Reliving all that has been possible thanks to the work of Italy’s Film Academy L’Aquila people.

“I’d like to thank Dompé – said Marcello Foti, General Director of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografiafor partnering up with us and for the extraordinary experience. Our young talents from the Film School edited the stories told by Dompé’s people with great professionalism and their emotional engagement is palpable in every scene of the film. I hope this will turn the spotlight on L’Aquila, on the tenacity and strength of its people who are a resource and an example for the entire nation.”

The short film “3:32” is now available and can be viewed here