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High-level technology, scientific information, and the latest of attractive graphics in an easy-to-use and simple-to-navigate format.

Dompé, Italian leading biotech company, on line with its new website, www.dompe.com

  • The company’s history, its commitment in R&D for rare diseases: one click to discover the present and future of one of Italy’s leading biopharmaceutical companies.
  • Constant updates concerning its pipeline, R&D, strategic approach, and employment opportunities.
  • Innovation, interaction and characterisation are the key elements of the restyling.

Milan, 12th March 2014. High-level technology, scientific information, and the latest of attractive graphics in an easy-to-use and simple-to-navigate format: this is the cocktail served up on the new internet site of Dompé, one of Italy’s leading biopharmaceutical companies (www.dompe.com).

The virtual space is characterised by an innovative layout that reflects the strategy of the Group, and has the objective of guiding users through the company’s history and future. It is a journey facilitated by the presence of various sections allowing users to explore the particular characteristics of a Group that is increasingly dedicated to biotechnology, and the R&D of new drugs for rare and often orphan diseases such as neurotrophic keratitis, or aimed at improving the response to vanguard treatments such as pancreatic cell transplantations. At the same time, the company maintains its historical interest in drugs designed to treat more common diseases and symptoms, such as those affecting respiratory apparatus and inflammation, as well as those used for self-medication.

The layout of the Dompe.com site, with its simple but refined lines, interactive features, and three-dimensional images, is designed to reflect the company’s innovative approach.

"We profoundly restyled our website www.dompe.com because we wanted to take advantage of the web to give everyone an opportunity to get to know us better as a dynamic company committed to research", explained Eugenio Aringhieri, Dompé’s CEO. "The aim is to innovate our way of communicating and distinguish ourselves from others by highlighting the particular characteristics of Dompé’s strategic approach. It is a choice that is in line with the increasingly international dimension of a company that has an Italian base. The web is an ideal "display case" in our increasingly globalised world, and a more dynamic means of speaking with researchers, the institutions and, more generally, all of the people that can benefit from our research. Transparency and sharing what we do are key elements of our commitment, and I am sure that the site will give people an additional opportunity to learn more about an Italian company that aims at being a global player in the field of biotech R&D".

These characteristics make Dompe.com a point of reference in the panorama of international biotechnological research that offers continuous updates concerning the company’s ongoing research, the progress of drugs such as reparixin (which is currently being developed for use in pancreatic islet transplantations and the treatment of breast cancer) and rhNGF, which has been developed in Italy on the basis of the pioneering work of the Nobel Prize winner, Rita Levi Montalcini, for the treatment of serious eye diseases such as neurotrophic keratitis and retinitis pigmentosa.

"In the current highly complex and competitive scenario, the web is an indispensable means of communication for any company that intends to develop close and lasting ties with its national and international stakeholders", said Patrizia Musso, Director of Brandforum.it and teaching Forms and Strategies of Digital Communication at the University "Cattolica del Sacro Cuore" in Milan. "Using the web as an effective means of communicating a company’s identity and history has by now become an accepted practice, but it is not so common to use it in a "slow brand" key – by which I mean showing how a company is fully immersed in the various aspects of social life not only by offering products that respond to precise healthcare needs, but also by means of innovative actions and concrete long-term activities in the area of CSR. This means being an all-round "responsible player in its time" towards the outside world and their (current and future) employees: in my opinion, this is what stands out in the various pages of Dompé’s digital spirit".

The site, developed in collaboration with Saatchi & Saatchi and Razorfish Healthware, has no lack of curiosities and services. Navigation can begin with the Group’s history, which is interwoven with the main advances in medical science from the end of the nineteenth century until the introduction of the use of modern biotechnologies for healthcare. There is an opportunity to have a close-up look at the production and R&D centre in L’Aquila, and the various other sites of the Group. A wide section is dedicated to the diseases the Group is committed to and its social responsibility. Finally, employment opportunities and links to the social networks are also new elements of the website.