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Eriona Gjinukaj

Chief Operating Officer

Eriona Gjinukaj is Chief Operating Officer of Dompé.

Thirty-eight years old, two sons, she completed her studies with an MBA at the MIP – Politecnico di Milano after graduating in Economics at the "La Sapienza" University of Rome.

In 2005 she joined Bain & Company where she gained a consolidated and internationally recognized expertise in the healthcare sector.

The COO is in charge of guiding the company's internationalization project, focused on biotechnology and already started with the opening of offices in Germany, France, Spain and recently, following the FDA approval of the first therapy for neurotrophic keratitis, the San Francisco subsidiary as a basis for Dompé US.

The COO coordinates all the activities of Dompé, including the ones of the Italian headquarter, with the strategic goal of bringing patients highly innovative solutions in response to unmet medical needs.