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Why Dompé

As it is aware that its personnel represent the principal asset responsible for its success, Dompé promotes their professional development and valorisation.


Dompé’s Total Reward System is based on constant comparisons with the benchmarks in its market. The key elements inspiring the Compensation&Benefits system are competitiveness, differentiation, and the recognition of excellence.

Pay for performance

Dompé rewards performance excellence by means of:

Management by Objectives (MBO). This process is based on the recognition of merit in relation to achieving the collective and individual objectives established for the year in line with the Balanced ScoreCards. Employees play an active part in defining their objectives together with their respective superiors.

Performance Management. This evaluates the coverage of employees’ roles and forms the basis for defining their career and professional development pathways.

Training & Development

Dompé identifies pathways of professional growth aimed at satisfying current and future educational and training needs in line with company strategies. On the basis of an annual evaluation of their role coverage and future potential, employees are offered training opportunities designed to develop their distinctive technical competences and strengthen their managerial skills.