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A transparent relationship with stakeholders and patients

Transparency of information

The Dompé is committed to developing innovative therapeutic solutions for patients all around the world. In carrying out its research efforts, the company maintains transparent relationships with stakeholders and patients, in line with a distinctive identity made up of the culture, history and values that guide its conduct.

Compliance with the laws that govern healthcare, with professional ethics and with the procedures underpin all the activities of the Group, which adheres to and endorses the provisions of the Code on disclosure of transfers of value from pharmaceutical companies to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations adopted in June 2013 by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and incorporated in Italy within the Farmindustria Code of Conduct, effective as of January 2015.

What has changed?

With a view to improving self-regulation, the code provides for the disclosure of all transfers of value, whether direct or indirect, made by pharmaceutical companies that are part of the association for healthcare professionals and organisations, for the activities relating to scientific consulting, training, organisation of and participation in conferences and events, donations or conduct of clinical research projects. The personal data of healthcare providers will be disclosed individually subject to the consent of individual professionals. If the consent is not granted, information will still be disclosed in aggregate form, with indication of the total number of healthcare professionals who denied their consent and the corresponding total annual amount for each category of activity.

Company promise

By June 2016, Dompé undertakes to publish on this website all the transfers of value made in this area based on the provisions of this regulation, which is already in force as a law in other countries like the United States and France.

This additional step towards improved transparency fits perfectly into the process outlined by the Dompé, based on constant dialogue and a strong trust relationship with patients and the entire scientific community, so as to continue to respond to still unanswered health needs in a timely, ethical and, most importantly, transparent manner.

For additional information

For information on the provisions introduced by the Code on disclosure of transfers of value from pharmaceutical companies to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations, please visit http://www.farmindustria.it (Home/Code of Conduct) or the EFPIA website: http://transparency.efpia.eu; to contact Dompé, click here.