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Terms of use

Terms and conditions for the use of the web portal www.dompe.com



This document governs the terms and conditions for the use of the Dompé Portal and the services contained therein.

The Dompé Portal (hereinafter the “Portal”) was created on the initiative of the companies of the group belonging to Dompé Farmaceutici S.p.A. (hereinafter “Dompé Group”) with the aim of encouraging communications between the company and third parties, including its suppliers, customers and collaborators.

Accessing and browsing this Portal implies User’s agreement and unconditional acceptance of all the conditions of use indicated therein, and the commitment to abide by them, as well as to use the Portal in full compliance with applicable laws.

The Portal is made available free of charge by the Dompé Group to all Internet Users who wish to access it, without discrimination of any kind, as long as they are of legal age.

The Portal contains general information concerning the Dompé Group, the individual companies that are part of it and the internal organisational structures.

Registration and Provision of Data

The User who spontaneously wishes to access specific areas or sections of the Portal which require prior registration, undertakes to only provide information related to him or her that is complete, current and truthful. The user also undertakes to promptly communicate any change in the data concerning his or her registration.

The Dompé Group reserves the right to verify the veracity of the data entered and to block access to the Portal in case of Users who have provided untruthful data or who use the Portal in a way that does not comply with these conditions of use or with the applicable laws.

Following the registration of the User on the Portal, the Dompé Group will have no obligation to provide the User with goods or services of any kind.

The data provided by the Users will be collected only in the sections of the Portal that have controlled access and with the sole objective of guaranteeing the authentication (identification code or username and password) required by the procedures for accessing the confidential sections of the Portal itself. In this case, the data collected will be processed for the sole purpose of completing the User’s registration and activating the services that the User requires, in accordance with the Policy on the processing of personal data (“Privacy Policy”).

It is understood that each User is responsible for the truthfulness of the submitted data. In the event of false or untrue statements, the User will be deemed liable in accordance with and for the purposes of the Italian Penal Code and of any applicable special laws.


Access to the Portal is limited to persons of legal age. Some sections of the Portal are public and therefore may be consulted freely, others require access through credentials (UserID and password).

In the event that access to the Portal requires the entry of credentials in order to authenticate (recognize) the identity of the connected User, such credentials are managed by the Portal in compliance with the provisions of EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and pursuant to any other applicable national data protection law, and particularly:

  • Access to the Portal is controlled by an access credential (access code) together with a secret password (at least eight characters long).
  • The aforementioned password must be carefully guarded by the User and cannot be communicated to third parties.
  • After 90 days the User must change the password.
  • In the event of lack of access to the Portal for more than 180 days, the password and the relative userID are disabled, and therefore the registration procedure will have to be carried out again.
  • In the event of lack of access to the Portal for three years, Dompé may cancel the registration of the User on the site, who, in case of subsequent access, will have to carry out the registration procedure again.

Collected Information

The personal and/or identification data necessary for accessing the Portal and its services are limited to the minimum necessary in order to reach the User of the service by e-mail.

The information entered in the Portal by the individual User is kept in the Portal itself up to the request for elimination that can be carried out through the instructions provided by the Portal itself.

The personal and/or identification data provided by Users through requests for information material (brochures, information material, etc.) are used for the sole purpose of perfecting the service requested and are communicated to third parties only if necessary for said purpose (companies that provide enveloping, labelling, shipping services).

Dompé reserves the right to communicate the personal data of the Users to the other companies belonging to the Dompé Group, both in Italy and abroad, without prejudice to compliance with this Policy.


The Portal is for information purposes and cannot be considered a source of information whose legal validity requires sending information through different means of communication (e.g.: registered letter with return receipt).

In this sense, the Portal does not want to substitute the official corporate communication.

The Dompé Group constantly checks the accuracy and updating of the information and data contained in the Portal. The company, however, assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies, inconsistencies, incompleteness or any errors committed involuntarily or on the basis of erroneous or outdated data and/or information transmitted by the User.

The information contained in the Portal and connected to it is for general purposes of information only and is intended to provide information on the companies belonging to the Dompé Group, as well as on their products and services; as such, they are not intended as indications, information and/or scientific medical recommendations, or advertising messages.

The non-medical User is therefore invited to consult his or her doctor in case of clinical details concerning diseases, disorders, symptoms, diagnoses, therapies, side effects, and in general, for any decision regarding his or her state of health.

Neither the companies belonging to the Dompé Group, nor any other party involved in the creation, realization and publication of the Portal, and of any other connected to it, can be held responsible in any way for any direct, incidental, consequential and/or indirect damages that derive from the access, use or lack of use of the Portal or of any other website connected to it.

Users are aware that access to and use of the Portal is under their direct and exclusive responsibility.

Links to Other Sites

The Portal contains hypertext links to third party websites which can provide useful information to visitors of the same; no company belonging to the Dompé Group may be held liable for its contents.

It should be noted that these terms and conditions of use do not apply to such websites connected to the Portal, and, consequently, the information related, inter alia, to the methods of use and access must be searched and consulted on the said websites.

Links to third-party sites are made available on the Portal solely for the User’s convenience.

The User must therefore acknowledge that the connection to third-party websites takes place under his or her own exclusive responsibility.

Protection against unauthorized access

The Portal is protected by traffic encryption and access control mechanisms which protect the security of the data collected in compliance with the provisions of EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and pursuant to any other applicable national data protection law.

Promotion for the Purchase

The information provided on this Portal does not constitute an offer or solicitation for the purchase, supply, prescription, dispensation or trade of Dompé products, nor for the carrying out of any other transaction concerning the same products.

Restrictions on use in accordance with the rights related to intellectual property

The Portal may contain elements such as photographs, texts and graphic components protected by copyright, or other intellectual and/or industrial property rights.

All the documentation on the Portal is owned by the Dompé Group and any form of use or reproduction, even partial, is subject to written authorization by the Dompé Group, in compliance with current regulations.

It is expressly forbidden to copy, publish or reproduce, in whole or in part, sections of this Portal or other sites of the Dompé Group, unless prior written approval has been obtained from Dompé. Any different use must be considered illegitimate and prohibited and will be pursued by the companies of the Dompé Group within the terms established by law and/or by contract.

It is expressly forbidden to use the Portal in such a way as to cause deterioration, damage, delay and/or malfunctioning of the Dompé Group and/or other Internet Users, or in a manner that causes interruptions and/or malfunctions to the Portal itself and/or to the application software that allows its operation.

In particular, it is forbidden to visit the Portal through automatic tools such as scripts, “crawlers” or “autobots” whose purpose is to systematically retrieve and/or extract proprietary and/or confidential information.

Future forecasts

The Portal may contain forecasts on future events. Such information is subject to a number of factors, including scientific, economic and financial factors, which make it uncertain and therefore the actual results may differ significantly from those expected.


The content of the Portal (data, texts, images, sounds, etc.), unless otherwise specified, is the exclusive property and availability of the Dompé Group and is protected by copyright. The use of the Portal does not grant to third parties, either as property or licence, any right to the economic exploitation of such content.

In accordance with the copyright protection legislation, such contents, in the absence of explicit authorization by the companies of the Dompé Group, cannot be reproduced, distributed, retransmitted, even partially and by any means (including electronic). It is also forbidden to reproduce on other web servers all or part of the material published by the Dompé Group on this Portal.

The Users of the Portal who engage in behaviours which infringe the copyright of Dompé or of third parties, will be required to compensate Dompé of the damage caused and to hold the same against all claims, damages, responsibilities, legal proceedings and for any other prejudicial consequence deriving from the violation of third party rights.


Dompé and other names of Dompé products and/or services referred to herein are trademarks of the companies belonging to the Dompé Group. The use of the Portal does not give any third parties the right to reproduce the trademarks without the consent of the companies of the Dompé Group, or to exploit them economically.

All rights that are not expressly granted here are reserved.

Any use of trademarks not expressly authorized will be prosecuted according to the law.

Advertising Funds

Advertising is not a source of subvention for the Portal.

Modification of Terms and Conditions of Use

The Dompé Group reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use of this Portal at any time. The new conditions of use will apply to all uses of the Portal following the publication of the new conditions.

Dompé reserves the right to modify the information and data contained in the Portal at any time, at its discretion and without prior notice. Any liability arising from such changes is expressly excluded.


The User accepts the application of the Italian Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan for all the disputes relating to or arising from the use of the Portal and/or related services.

If a clause of this document is deemed invalid or unenforceable under Italian law, this provision will be considered superseded by a valid and enforceable provision that allows the intent of the original provision to be reached as much as possible and the rest of the agreement will continue to be valid and effective.

A printed version of this agreement, and of any communication given in electronic form, will be considered admissible evidence in any judicial or administrative proceedings.