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Terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions of use

(February 2014)


The present document disciplines the terms and conditions of use of the Dompé website and the services it contains.

The Dompé website (hereinafter “the website”) has been created by the companies belonging to the Group headed by Dompé Farmaceutici S.p.A. (hereinafter the “Dompé Group”) with the aim of favouring communications between the company and third parties, including its suppliers, customers and employees.

Users who access and navigate within the website are required to agree to and unconditionally accept all of the conditions of use indicate herein, and to undertake to respect the same and to use the website in accordance with the applicable laws.

The website has been made freely available by the Dompé Group to all Internet users who wish to enter, without any discrimination of any kind, provided that they have become of age.

The website contains general information concerning the Dompé Group, the individual companies in the Group, and their internal organisational structures.

Registration and transfer of data

Users who spontaneously intend to access particular areas or sections of the website that require previous registration undertake to provide only complete, up-to-date and truthful information about themselves. Users likewise undertake to communicate any variation in their registration data in a timely manner.

The Dompé Group reserves the right to verify the veracity of the entered data and block access to the website in the case of users who have provided false data or who use the website in a manner other than that described in the present conditions of use or the applicable laws.

The Dompé Group shall have no obligation to provide registered users with goods or services of any kind. The data provided by users will be collected exclusively in the sections of the website to which access is controlled, and for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the computerised authentication (identification code or username and password) required by the procedures for accessing the reserved sections of the website. In this case, the collected data will be handled for the sole purpose of finalising the registration of the user and activating the services requested by the same, as laid down in the “Privacy Policy”.

It remains understood that each user is responsible for the veracity of the data provided. In the case of false or misleading declarations, users may be held liable under the terms and for the effects of the penal code or other laws governing the matter.


Access to the website is restricted to adults. Some sections of the website are public and can therefore be freely consulted; others can only be accessed using credentials (UserID and password).

In the case that access to the website requires users to digit their credentials in order to authenticate their identity, these credentials are handled by the website in accordance with the terms of Legislative Decree No. 196/03 (the “Privacy Code”). In particular:

  • Access to the website is controlled by an access code combined with a secret password of at least eight characters.
  • This password must be jealously guarded by the user and should not be communicated to third parties.
  • After 90 days, the user is required to replace the password.
  • If the website is not accessed for more than 180 days, the password and related userID are disabled, and it will therefore be necessary to repeat the registration procedure.
  • If the website is not accessed for three years, Dompé may cancel a user’s site registration and, in the case of subsequent access, the user must repeat the registration procedure.

Collected information

The personal and/or ID data that are necessary to gain access to the website and its services are limited to the minimum that is essential to be able to contact the user of the service by means of electronic mail. The information entered in the website by each user is kept in the website until a request is received to cancel it, which can be done by following the instructions provided by the website itself.

The personal and/or ID data provided by users who ask to be sent informational material such as brochures, etc., are exclusively used to deliver the service, and are communicated to third parties only in the case that it is necessary in order to provide the service (companies providing packaging, labelling and delivery services).

Dompé reserves the right to communicate the personal data of users to other companies belonging to the Dompé Group in Italy and abroad while guaranteeing respect for the present Policy.


The website is informative in nature and cannot be considered the source of information whose legal value presupposes transmission by other means of communication (e.g. a registered letter with advice of receipt).
In this sense, the website is not intended as a surrogate of official company communications.
The Dompé Group constantly checks the accuracy and updating of the information and data contained in the website. However, the company does not accept any responsibility for any imprecisions, incongruences, incompleteness or errors made involuntarily or on the basis of any erroneous and/or outdated data and/or information transmitted by users.
The news contained in and connected with the website and has the objective of providing general information concerning the companies in the Dompé Group and their products and services; as such, it is not to be understood as providing medico-scientific indications, information or recommendations, or advertising messages.
Users who are not physicians are therefore invited to consult their doctors if they need any clinical advice concerning diseases, disorders, symptoms, diagnoses, therapies, side effects, or anything related to their health.
The companies of the Dompé Group, any other party involved in creating, producing and publishing the website, and any other party in any way related to them, cannot be held in any way responsible for any direct, incidental, consequent and/or indirect damage arising from accessing, using or failing to use the website or any other website linked with it.
Users are to understand that they are directly and exclusively responsible for accessing and using the website.

Links to other sites

The website contains hyperlinks to third party websites that can offer information useful to its visitors, but none of the companies in the Dompé Group is responsible for the contents of such sites.
It is hereby emphasised that the present terms and conditions of use do not apply to the websites linked to the website and, consequently, information, inter alia, relating to their access and use will need to be sought and consulted on the websites themselves.
The links to third party sites are made available on the website exclusively for the convenience of its users.

Users must therefore take note that they are exclusively responsible for connecting themselves to third party websites.

Protection against unauthorised access

The website is protected by mechanisms that control accesses and the ciphering of traffic in order to safeguard the security of the data collected in accordance with the Privacy Code.

Promotion of purchases

The information provided by the website does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy, supply, prescribe, dispense or sell Dompé products, nor to make whatsoever other transaction involving the same products.

Restrictions of use in accordance with the rights concerning intellectual property

The website may contain elements such as photographs, texts and graphic components that are protected by copyright or other intellectual and/or industrial property rights.
All of the documentation in the website is the property of the Dompé Group, and any even partial use or reproduction of the same is subject to the written authorisation of the Dompé Group in accordance with laws and regulations in force at the time.
Partially or totally copying, publishing or reproducing sections of this website or other sites of the Dompé Group is expressly forbidden without the written approval of Dompé. Any different use shall be considered unlawful and prohibited, and will be prosecuted by the companies in the Dompé Groups in accordance with the terms of the law and/or contract.
It is expressly forbidden to use the website in such a way as to cause any degradation, damage, delay and/or malfunctioning of the Dompé Group and/or other Internet users, or in such a way as to cause any interruption and/or malfunctioning of the website itself and/or the applications software that permits it to function.
In particular, it is forbidden to visit the website by means of automatic instruments such as scripts, “crawlers” or “autobots” with the aim of systematically retrieving and/or extracting proprietary and/or confidential information.

Predictions of future happenings

The website may contain predictions or evaluations relating to future events. These are subject to a series of factors (including scientific, economic and financial factors) that make them uncertain and so the actual results may be significantly different from those expected.


Unless otherwise specified, the content of the website (data, texts, images, sounds, etc.) is the exclusive property of the Dompé Group and protected by copyright. Use of the website does not give third parties any ownership or licensing right to exploit the content economically.
Under the terms of the regulations protecting authorship rights, the said content may not be even partially reproduced, distributed or retransmitted by any means (including electronic means) without the explicit authorisation of the companies in the Dompé Group. It is likewise forbidden to reproduce on another web server all or part of material published by the Dompé Group on the present website. The users of the website who set in being any behaviour infringing the copyright of Dompé or third parties shall be required to compensate Dompé for the damage caused, and keep the same secure and unharmed by whatsoever claim, damages, liability, judicial proceedings or whatsoever prejudicial consequences may arise from the violation of third party rights.


Dompé and the other names of Dompé products and/or services are registered trademarks of the companies in the Dompé Group. Use of the website does not give third parties any right to reproduce the trademarks without the consent of the companies in the Dompé Group, nor to exploit the same economically.
All of the rights that are not expressly granted herein are reserved.
Any use of trademarks that has not been expressly authorised will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Advertising finance

The website is not subsidised by advertising.

Modification of the terms and conditions of use

The Dompé Group reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of use of this website at any time. The new conditions of use shall apply to all of the uses of the website subsequent to the publication of the new conditions.
Dompé reserves the right to modify the information and data contained in the website at any time, at its own discretion, and without notice. It expressly declines to accept any responsibility arising from such variations.


Users accept the application of Italian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan in the case of any controversy relating to or arising from the use of the website and/or its services.
If any clause in the present document is held to be invalid or inapplicable under the terms of Italian law, such provision shall be considered overcome by a valid and applicable provision that allows the intent of the original provision to be reached as closely as possible, and the rest of the agreement shall continue to be valid and efficacious.
A printed version of the present agreement, and whatsoever communication made in electronic form, shall be considered admissible proof in the case of any judicial or administrative proceedings.