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Special Projects


A daily commitment, at the Patient’s side

Dompé is not only committed to R&D and to providing innovative therapeutic solutions to improve people’s health. Its action encompasses a broader set of values that have established it as a key player of its time, at every level: social, economic and environmental.

Everything is based on teamwork, precise roles, wide-ranging knowledge and dynamics that ensure full-scale commitment. Dompé engages with all its stakeholders, both internal and external, with a view to generating value for its employees, the context in which it operates and therefore the company.

Based on this premise, the Group promotes specific projects inspired by the same core values, to protect its employees and to foster the development of training and knowledge in the field of biotechnology, which is a strategic asset for future generations.

The Group promotes constructive interaction with associations and stakeholders, with the aim of encouraging and supporting targeted programmes that pool the skills and expertise of the partners involved.

Treatment solutions that work are the result of a conjunction of shared experiences. Patients are at the centre of this process and all responsibility inside and outside the company revolves around them.

This is why Dompé aims to offer a new interconnection system, transforming an individual need into a collective resonance, a Group-wide goal into a socially useful outcome.

Dompé campaigns

In the Woods

“In The Woods”, launched on the occasion of Rare Disease Day 2017, is a video of a man surrounded by darkness and his fight for light. A metaphor for people fighting against rare eye diseases, for whom any progress made by scientific research can be a ray of hope. Discover more on the campaign and watch the video.

The Rarest Ones

“The Rarest Ones” is a video developed by the Italian biopharmaceutical company Dompé for the #ICareAboutRare campaign, under the patronage of the Italian Federation for Rare Diseases, UNIAMO F.I.M.R. Onlus, on the occasion of the World Rare Disease Day 2014. Tommaso Galluppi, a 22-year-old with a rare disease, is the official ambassador of a video with an extraordinary cinematographic power, that describe a surprising parallelism: the story of people and animals with no other choice but to live as “rarities”.

Discover more about the video and his character.