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Quality and Security Policy

Quality Policy

Dompé is a structured company characterized by the shared commitment to sustain a Quality policy capable of ensuring a continuous improvement of the company’s performance.

A commitment that the company has decided to formalize by introducing a Quality System in the Company and applying for the certification awarded by the Certifying body to demonstrate Dompé’s respect of the very highest standards of quality in all the activities carried out in the pharmaceutical chain – research, development, production and marketing – and in the scientific communication processes aimed at ensuring appropriate use of its drugs and the governance systems structured in such a way as to guarantee respect of the laws in force.

At Dompé, Quality is more than just an organizational system. It is a reference cultural paradigm for all the Company’s strategic and managerial decisions and is clearly expressed by the Company’s values.

This is a sign of the particular attention paid to the Quality concept, applied not only to the research, development, production and sale of pharmaceutical products, but also to the staff, their training and, more in general, the external environment in which the company operates.

In this perspective, the company adopts a broader concept of global quality, essential to consolidate its position of excellence in the therapeutic areas in which it operates.

Safety Policy

Dompé has always has respected and promoted some fundamental principles that distinguish the way in which the company carries out all of its activities, and conducts its internal and external relations.

Among these, its commitment to quality and company ethics plays a central role because a continuous improvement in company dynamics, and increasing attention to the needs of the patients and the scientific community, are seen as key factors for successful and sustainable development.

This includes the company’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHAS) policy and, in particular, its decision to seek certification of the OHAS management system at its headquarters in Milan as a sign of the continuity of the process that is already under way at its production site in L’Aquila.

Dompé’s OHAS management system complies with the requirements of the British Standard OHSAS 18001:2007.
The company undertakes to promote its continuous improvement and its principles by pursuing the following general objectives in all of its activities:

  • Assuring scrupulous observation of the OHAS legislation in force by evaluating all of the health and safety risks of its employees, and adopting all of the preventive and protective measures considered appropriate in order to improve safety levels over time;
  • Drawing up and implementing safety plans covering the measures and procedures necessary to prevent accidents or emergency situations and contain their negative effects, and subsequently updating in the light of the evolution of the company’s activities;
  • Promoting workplace safety and hygiene;
  • Respecting the personal characteristics of its employees by creating a working environment in which everyone can express his or her capacities to the full;
  • Evaluating the company’s processes and activities in order to establish prevention-based objectives of innovation and improvement in terms of safety;
  • Favouring the choice of suppliers who operate in accordance with principles defined in the OHAS policy, and obtaining their commitment to maintain practices that are compliant with it;
  • Adopting an open and constructive approach to the general public, users, regulatory authorities, and other interested parties.

The correct application of the management system in every sector of the company is guaranteed by the people responsible for the different areas, with the involvement and participation of all employees. It is essential that the principles of OHAS are shared by everyone in order to strengthen a culture oriented towards prevention and mutual respect, and maintain and develop orderly and safe working conditions.

To this end, the company takes steps to ensure that all of its personnel, and any third parties operating under its control and direction, receive adequate information and training concerning the contents of the OHAS management system and understands its implications for their company role and personal working behaviour.

Finally, the company undertakes to organise controls, inspections and audits with the aim of identifying and preventing any situations that do not fulfil the requirements of the OHAS requirements. The policy and implementation of the OHAS management system also undergo periodic re-examinations in order to evaluate their appropriateness and effectiveness in terms of continuous improvement.

The OHAS policy contains the fundamental principles inspiring all of the activities of Dompé and all of its employees and collaborators in carrying out their working functions, and forms an integral part of the company’s management and operational choices.