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Our research

From Italy to the world: delivering our excellence to patients worldwide

Provide answers to unresolved health-related questions in order to meet the needs of patients worldwide. This in a nutshell is the goal of Dompé research, from the researcher’s intuition to the definitive proof of the efficacy and safety of a treatment in clinical studies as an essential step to devising a new therapy.

The value of the Network

Dompé strategy for innovation involves the different stages of the drug’s genesis, from research and development to production and ultimately, to the ability to attract new resources and skill-sets and redefine existing models. To achieve the ambitious goal of providing answers to health questions, the continual pursuit of excellence and the ability to work as a system are, in fact, critical.

Today the skills required to develop a new drug are indeed many and at the same time so complex and varied as to make it impossible to concentrate them all in the R&D labs of a single company.

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Our clinical studies

Dompé efforts are aimed at making innovative treatments available for diseases that currently have no effective therapeutic option.

In compliance with the standards set by regulatory agencies, Dompé conducts international clinical studies in collaboration with hospitals, universities and research centres. Clinical studies are therefore developed in cooperation with the above counterparts to ensure the highest level of safety to their participants, operating in full compliance with the scientific and ethical standards that govern clinical research and sharing the results of the research conducted with the scientific community, regulatory authorities and institutions. Consistently with that aim, Dompé operates in full compliance with the highest scientific and ethical standards and also adheres to the principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP), thus ensuring the highest standards of quality in research.

Attention to the patient

Dompé, in addition to conducting specifically targeted clinical trials, is committed to providing support to patients and the health and regulatory authorities, with the aim of making the experimental drug available for specific projects when there is a need for them in given geographic areas. The Company also can provide “compassionate” access programmes to its drugs, working together with the regulatory authorities and in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations in the individual country when the drugs are needed by patients in clinical trial phases preceding their registration by the competent authorities.

Dompé makes the results of its clinical studies openly available and operates by providing them to healthcare authorities even during the study, if necessary.

Finally, the results of our clinical studies are made available on public databases, such as the website www.clinicaltrials.gov