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Consolidated expertise to defend the digestive system

Because of its complexity, the digestive system is one of parts of the body most commonly affected by symptoms that have a negative impact on our sense of well-being and quality of life.

In many cases these disorders can be associated with a temporary situation, such as changes in a person’s diet, an infection or a period of stress, but quite often, the symptoms are linked to full-blown diseases. Those diseases can include, for example, a peptic ulcer and gastroesophageal reflux disease, conditions that are extremely common and that nowadays can be adequately treated with targeted drugs. The pathogenesis of lesser known diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, is more complex. However, these diseases can become chronic with periods of remission and recovery of the symptoms and can affect the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Due to extensive expertise acquired over time, Dompé makes a range of therapeutic solutions available to physicians and patients that can act directly on the mechanisms that underlie gastrointestinal diseases, thus contributing to the resolution of symptoms and control of the pathology.