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Trust and integrity for the protection of individuals

Integrity, honesty and fairness are the basic factors of any conduct that can be appropriately referred to as “ethical”. Factors that are even more important if applied to corporate action and to the pharmaceutical industry, in particular.

An ethical course of action is for Dompé a driving principle in all the fields in which it operates: from the protection of the patient’s fundamental rights to the transparency of its Research and Development processes, the production of drugs and its relations with the scientific community; from the respect for the environment in which the Company pursues business to the social responsibility projects promoted for the community.

These fundamental principles are tied to two key documents enforced by the Company.

Model 231

Dompé has always been sensitive to the need to ensure fairness and transparency in its pursuit of business, as a way to protect the Company’s position and image and that of the work of its employees.

As such, the Company has adopted an organisation, management and control model in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 231 of 8 June 2001 (the “Model 231”), which has introduced the concept of administrative liability for companies for some specific types of crime in the Italian system of laws.

Dompé’s Model 231 has been adopted and implemented taking into account – in addition to the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2001 – the guidelines developed in the field by Farmindustria [Italian Pharmaceutical Industry] and the specific initiatives already implemented by the company with regard to internal control and corporate governance. The document represents a behavioural paradigm of reference for anyone working on behalf of such companies and, in this perspective, it also represents a further step towards achieving transparency and accountability both within the Company and with the outside world, offering the best guarantees of an efficient and proper form of management.

Dompé has entrusted to a special Supervisory Body the task of supervising the enforcement of, and compliance with, the Model 231 and of making sure it is regularly updated.
To that end, the Company has created a specific email address to address any related issues: organismodivigilanza@dompe.it

Code of Conduct

The Dompé Group has developed its own code of conduct, which forms an integral part of Model 231, not only to comply with a specific requirement of law, but also and above all to give shape and substance to the culture of accountability and integrity which has deep roots in the Company.
Dompé, in all its components and staff members, acts and relates always expressing a distinctive identity that is based on a culture, history and set of values that make it instantly recognisable for its stakeholders. The Code of Conduct is a document of accountability with respect to the communities where Dompé operates and as such, has a dual function: it becomes an integral and core part of our values and, at the same time, it is called upon to protect them and to strengthen them over time.

The document consists of principles expressed with rigour and simplicity that must guide the Company in all its components and in all venues where it acts, in Italy as in foreign countries. Compliance with the laws, professional ethics and procedures form the basis of this document, which contains the principles that characterise the Company’s relationships with all its stakeholders, as well as the commitments of Dompé to ensure the protection of health and safety.

The Code of Conduct is a tangible sign of the sense of responsibility with which Dompé acts in meeting the needs and expectations of patients, the scientific community and the public in general.