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Environment, Quality and Safety

Environmental protection and safety are part of our commitment

Dompé has always been committed to the protection and respect of the environment in which it operates as a key principle for a manufacturing business like its own.

Dompé has always been committed to the protection and respect of the environment in which it operates as a key principle for a manufacturing business like its own. The company’s commitment when it comes to the environment is undoubtedly one of the pillars underpinning its development strategy, which is reflected in its investments in environmental expenditure in the last decade that have reached € 6.3 million.

The significant results achieved in recent years in terms of managing the impact of its business on the environment and safety are a witness to the company’s ongoing effort over time, which has been driven even further by the development strategy pursued by Dompé. The dynamics of growth triggered by the direct presence on international markets have steered the company’s focus even more to the need to reconcile the sustainability and efficiency of its processes.

Sustainability and safety are based on two corporate Environmental and Safety Management systems. Adopted since 2001, these documents have partly anticipated the introduction of even more stringent standards, such as those on administrative responsibility when it comes to health and safety in the workplace.

Our Responsible Growth

Taking care of people's health means taking care of the environment as well. This is why we are committed to improving the eco-efficiency of our new production plant, starting with the choice of building materials, reducing energy consumption and optimizing the logistical capacity in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

This particular attention is evidenced by the voluntary compliance to the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification of the new "Omega Pharma" industrial building, concerning the environmental impact assessment during the entire life cycle: from raw materials to demolition and disposal as garbage.

Quality Policy

Dompé’s business is characterised by a unified commitment in supporting a quality policy that can help to achieve consistent improvements in the company’s business dynamics.
A commitment that the company wanted to make official by choosing to introduce the Quality Management System and to obtain certification from an independent Certification Body, which certifies the Company’s compliance with the highest quality standards in all activities of the pharmaceutical supply chain – research, development, production and marketing – as well as in the processes of scientific communication designed to encourage the appropriate use of its drugs and in the governance system, which is structured so as to ensure compliance with the applicable laws.
To this end, the Company has established a set of quality objectives that are periodically discussed and reviewed and that are aimed at:

  • Finding innovative solutions to improve human health by transforming the commitments in research into sustainable therapeutic responses;
  • Complying with ethical standards, laws and regulations;
  • Ensuring the quality of the products and services offered to the scientific community and Patients;
  • Monitoring the processes, products and services offered, with a view to achieving continuous improvement;

Quality is for Dompé – more than an organisational system – a cultural paradigm for all of the company’s strategic and executive decisions and is clearly exemplified in its values.
A sign of the special focus on the concept of quality that extends not only to the stages of research, development, production and marketing of proprietary medicinal products, but also to the company’s employees, their training and, more generally, to the external environment in which the Company operates.

In this perspective, it is clear how the Company advocates a broader concept of global quality that is essential to consolidate its position of excellence in the therapeutic areas of reference.

Safety Policy

Dompé has always respected and promoted certain fundamental principles that distinguish its modus operandi in all its activities, both within and without the Company.

Among them, the commitment to quality and corporate ethics plays a key role. A philosophy that views the continuous improvement of the Company’s business dynamics and attention to the needs of Patients and the scientific community as the key to achieving success for a sustainable development.

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy (Sicurezza e Salute sul Lavoro, SSL) and more specifically, the decision to have the Safety Management System applied at the Company’s branch in Milan certified, fit in this context, with a view to ensuring continuity as part of a strategy already applied at the manufacturing plant in L’Aquila.
The Occupational Health and Safety Management System has been developed in accordance with standard BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

The company strives to promote ongoing improvement and, in particular, to disseminate its core principles, pursuing the following general objectives in its activities:

  • Diligent compliance with the applicable laws on health and safety in the workplace, evaluating all the risks to the safety and health of workers and taking all preventive and protective measures deemed necessary to ensure the improvement over time of the levels of safety;
  • Development and implementation of safety plans containing measures and procedures to prevent accidents or emergency situations, as well as measures to mitigate their adverse effects, to be adapted so as to reflect new developments in the Company’s activities;
  • Promotion of health and safety in the workplace;
  • Respect for the personal character traits of employees, creating a work environment in which everyone can express themselves to the best of their abilities;
  • Evaluation of the Company’s processes and activities in order to set goals for innovation and improvement when it comes to safety, with a view to ensuring prevention;
  • Encouraging the selection of suppliers who work according to the principles defined in the Occupational Health and Safety Policy, engaging them so that they may behave in ways that are consistent with the Policy;
  • Adoption of an open and constructive attitude towards the public, users, the Public Authorities and other stakeholders.

The correct application of the Management System in every business sector is guaranteed by the staff members responsible for the different areas and is achieved through the involvement and participation of all employees. Sharing on all levels of the Company’s occupational health and safety principles, as a matter of fact, is an essential requisite to foster a culture geared to prevention and mutual respect and to maintain and develop orderly and safe working conditions.

To that end, the Company organises several initiatives so that all personnel, as well as third parties that operate under its control, are given adequate information and training on the contents of the SSL Management System and understand the implications of their role in the company and the conduct expected of them in the workplace.

The Company is committed to conducting checks, inspections and audits in order to identify and prevent any cases of non-compliance with the requirements of the SSL Management System. Consistently with the mindset of achieving continuous improvement, the policy and the application of the SSL System are also subject to periodic review, in order to assess its accuracy and effectiveness.

The Occupational Health and Safety Policy contains the fundamental principles underlying all of the activities of Dompé and of all its employees and partners in the performance of their job tasks, and is an integral part of the Company’s executive and operational decisions.