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Drug Discovery

Insight, commitment, resolve in the discovery of new molecular compounds

Dompé drug discovery team: a “task force” for the drugs of the future

Intuition, commitment, determination and perseverance. The creation of a new drug is a fascinating but extremely complicated process. It all begins with a knowledge and understanding of the complex set of biological and molecular activities that take place within the body. The combined skills and creative capacities of the researchers belonging to Dompé’s drug discovery team are dedicated to identifying increasingly effective and selective compounds that act against key molecular targets.
This fundamental phase of research is crucial because it gives rise to drugs that are capable of responding to what are still untreatable diseases.
Dompé tackles this challenge by uniting the expertise of its drug discovery team with that of universities and other research centres. These partnerships, sustained by new investment opportunities, also valorise our technological platform, in addition to extending Dompé’s scientific network.

Our Drug Discovery Pipeline

C5aR Antagonists - (NAM) Pain
TRPM8 Blockers - Pain
TRPM8 Blockers - Urology
BKB1R Antagonists - Pain
CNR2 Antagonists - Pain
GPR120 Antagonists - Diabetes

The intuitive capacities, dedication and know-how of the drug discovery have led to many Dompé molecules reaching the advanced phase of clinical testing and, as can be seen from the large number of ongoing collaborative projects, research agreements and material transfer agreements (MTAs) with external partners (companies, universities and research institutes), continue to generate widespread interest.

These new investment, collaboration and partnership opportunities mean that, every day, Dompé and its drug discovery team find themselves facing different health challenges and new scientific unknowns, thus opening up new research horizons.


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Group work in order to respond to the needs of patients throughout the world

Team work is the only way to reach the ambitious objective of making truly innovative treatments rapidly available to physicians and patients. That is why Dompé’s drug discovery activities take advantage of the skills of various integrated departments combining the highest level of scientific, technological and organisational expertise. As a result, the Dompé platform is capable of identifying new molecular entities using innovative proprietary instruments of de novo design which, together with its activities of “lead engine chemistry”, allow the more rapid selection of new and highly effective molecule.

A phased approach

Dompé’s drug discovery activities are divided into three phases:

  • Identifying molecular targets;
  • Identifying and validating candidate molecules (lead candidates);
  • Proof-of-concept testing in selected pre-clinical models.

Dompé’s unique approach to drug discovery is based on a proprietary technological platform (GPCRbase™, Ligen™ and LigandBase™, and MolecularAssemblies) designed to accelerate the selection of drug candidates for development.

As in the case of any race, time is of the essence in the world of research, and it is only by integrating technology, science, culture and hi-tech innovation that it will be possible to provide rapid and innovative responses to the still unmet needs of patients throughout the world.

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