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Cough and cold

Our therapeutic solutions to relieve minor and major seasonal ailments

Cough, sore throat and colds, often linked to viral infections like influenza and parainfluenza, are among the most common diseases, especially during certain seasons of the year. Although they may have different origins – a cough, in particular, may have underlying mechanisms linked to an infection or inflammation of the respiratory tract – nowadays they can be fought and cured with success by relying on targeted therapeutic solutions.

Dry cough, for example, may have different mechanisms than a wet cough, which involves the production of mucus. Also, when it comes to infections, we must not forget the role of some compounds, for example vitamin C, which is involved in supporting general wellness of the body and in helping to strengthen our defences. To fight the symptoms of colds and rhinitis, decongestants and nasal antiseptics can be used in order to bring the calibre of the obstructed upper airways back to normal.

Dompé offers physicians and patients a range of medicinal products, both prescription drugs and OTCs, that can help control the symptoms while also acting in a manner that is consistent with their characteristics.