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Cardiovascular Diseases

We care about the health of our patients

Cardiovascular diseases are among the leading causes of morbidity, disability and mortality in the world.1 To address them as best as possible, there is the need obviously to focus on prevention, because in addition to a set of non-modifiable risk factors (age, gender and familiarity), there is evidence of other modifiable factors linked to a person’s habits and lifestyle (smoking, alcohol abuse, improper nutrition, sedentary lifestyle) that in turn are often the cause of diabetes, obesity, hypercholesterolemia, and arterial hypertension.

The heart, which has a perfect mechanism of adjustment, needs to always have a good supply of blood and oxygen to function at its best. In case of deficiencies, in fact, events that are potentially very serious can occur, such as myocardial infarction, which can result in chronic heart failure.

On the other hand, the activity of the heart is “regulated” by the rhythm imposed by an electrical circuit that is responsible for coordinating the contraction of the atria and ventricles. When this mechanism does not function properly, arrhythmias can occur that may or may not be associated with clear symptoms.

Dompé provides a range of solutions for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and is currently able to offer physicians and patients a number of drugs indicated for the treatment of chronic heart failure and of arrhythmias.


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